Can we rewire the nervous system to fight MND?

Philanthropy is funding the high-risk high-reward research needed to advance our fight against motor neurone disease.

A duty of care

Patricia Davidson and John Daly

The top 3 reasons to study Cyber Security at UOW

According to UOW computer science experts

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The social network

On the surface, uni might seem like a simple means to an end: go, get a degree, graduate. However, what UOW grad Stef Posthuma discovered – like most students – is that uni can enrich your life in so many ways. For Stef, the connections and friendships he made while studying at UOW set him up for the life and success he has now.

Why students love campus living

You’ve almost finished school: tick. You’ve (hopefully) learnt how to make your bed: tick. You’ve got your P’s or Opal card: tick. Now it’s time to fly the nest and do some adulting. Here are 7 reasons why UOW students love campus living as they begin an exciting new chapter at university.

Why living on campus was the best decision I've ever made

Madalyn Date felt nervous moving four hours away from home to live on campus at UOW. But after making a bunch of new friends and sharing some good times, she’s so glad she did.

6 things I discovered in the first weeks of university

Starting university can be fun and scary at the same time. But, you're not alone, and you'll find plenty of support along the way.

Moving far away from home for university

From the country to the coast, what moving away from home for study is like and how it also affects parents. 

My first month living on campus

For most students, living on campus or in student accommodation is the highlight of their university experience and it all seems to come down to that sense of community. Whether it's heading out to different places in the Gong with massive groups of friends, finding a study buddy, or lending your neighbour a frypan - we asked two students about their first time living on campus.