Welcome to UOW’s The Stand

The Stand exists to unlock the knowledge and expertise inside the University of Wollongong (UOW), telling stories about our people and their accomplishments that inform, educate and inspire.

The Stand was born out of a renewed sense of place, purpose and values that will guide the University in fulfilling its role in exploring how to resolve society’s large and complex social, environmental and economic challenges.

We bring to life subjects that illustrate the impact UOW’s teaching, research and graduates make in the world.

We believe education is one of the most powerful transformative forces on communities and individuals. It opens minds and helps people find purpose, meaning – and solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.

This is our unified story – a story that draws on our past, understands the present and looks to the future.

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The Stand is managed by the Strategic Marketing and Communications Division at UOW, supported by a handful of contributing writers. To find out more, suggest stories, or just say hello, email us.

Our team

  • India Glyde (Editorial Lead)
  • Paul Jones (Photography Lead)
  • Yogesh Bhatia
  • Tahlia McPherson
  • Ben Long
  • and contributing writers/content producers


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