UOW India in prime position for July launch

Opening as the second highest-ranked university in India.

AI will transform Australian healthcare. What should we do to get ready?

What Australians really want when it comes to using artificial intelligence to detect and diagnose disease

Hidden hunger: unmasking the reality of food insecurity

This UOW researcher is on a mission to find a permanent solution to a growing problem

UOW graduate Gill Dinh shines on MasterChef

From creative arts to Australia's most successful cooking competition.

National Volunteer Week: Something for everyone

Unpacking the motivations behind volunteering

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Could cannabis, MDMA and mushrooms be the answer the mental illness?

From July, some psychiatrists will be able to prescribe MDMA and psylocibin to patients.

How coincidence and connections helped a shark attack survivor heal and tell his story

In 2014, exercise science student James Forsyth was completing his Honours project at the University of Wollongong (UOW) when then 21-year-old Brett volunteered for his study.

What does an ageing population mean for Australia?

As Japan grapples with longer life-expectancy and declining birth rates, world leaders are using the situation as a wake-up call.

Nursing a passion for a healthy community

Graduating from UOW over 25 years ago, Jill Deering has since put her knowledge and experience into improving the health of the Sutherland Shire community for the better.

Purpose and passion

At the heart of Honorary Professor Tanya Buchanan’s remarkable career impact lies a singular vision: to advance public health in Australia and around the world. As Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Council Australia, she is a leading voice in addressing our most pressing health challenges.

Perfect chemistry

Next-generation smart sensors enabled by nanotechnology are leading advancements in diverse fields, delivering previously unimaginable levels of sensitivity and portability.