Lecturer by weekdays and a rapper, as fate would have it

Meet the Indonesian rapper and UOW business grad, who’s committed to sharing important messages.

Following the threads

Weaving identity and connection through the arts

Effecting change for the greater good

Putting social enterprise on the national agenda

Force of gravity

The UOW graduate putting retired mineshafts to work for our green energy future

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Finding the 'why'

When Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, Professor Alison Jones, was also appointed as UOW’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Health Strategy) in April, the appointment turned heads in Australian university circles.

Giants in their regions

Universities are significant institutions central to the nation’s social and economic development. They achieve this in two major ways. First, by training highly skilled individuals. Second, by creating new knowledge and novel technologies. Both these outputs shape national competitiveness and contribute to our distinctive identity.

The art of influence

Though it is easy to see branding as being about logos, typefaces and taglines, in reality these elements are part of a much bigger picture.

Breaking through boundaries

New drugs to combat cancer, a ‘game-changing’ renewable battery made from salt, and a remarkable discovery that changed our understanding of early human dispersal and evolution.

Not so black and white

Checking the (physical) mailbox is not something I think too much about. If there’s anything in there, it’s usually a reminder to pay an outrageously expensive fine from the time I didn’t ‘tap on’ the train, or another Time magazine renewal offer (with a free tote bag), or sometimes a note from that one travelling friend that thinks postcards quaint.

Aboriginal women speak

We spoke with three influential Aboriginal women with strong ties to UOW: an Elder, an alumna and a student.