Digital fatigue is real

But there are ways out of it

Back to the past: How the Taliban took over Afghanistan

The brutal end to the longest war

What is toxic positivity?

How looking only on the bright side can be damaging to mental health.

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Finding time to study as a mum, manager and student

In the busy life of Renee Connolly, sometimes a little help goes a long way in finding time to study.

A student's guide to healthy study snacks

Whether you're hungry, peckish or just finding another way to procrastinate, here are UOW student Isabella’s favourite healthy snacks to keep you satisfied and energised while studying for your exams.

3D printing, the future of surfing

Ever dreamed of surfing some of the world’s best surf breaks all in the name of research? That was the task for researchers from the University of Wollongong on a project to test the performance of 3D-printed surfboard fins.

The top tip for uni from a UOW student

As you approach the end of your HSC and high school journey, the prospect of ‘what next?’ can seem a little overwhelming. So we asked first-year student Rebekah Manning to give us her top tip for uni.

The future of housing: building with steel

Standing seven storeys high are two identical apartment blocks; the same in size, look, feel and layout. They are exactly the same, but different. One has a concrete frame, the other cold-formed steel. This difference could change Australian apartments and help expand the country's steel industry.

The future of housing

It might be a squeeze on space, but for many families apartments are the housing of the future.