Transforming microfinance for women's empowerment

A call for structural change

Counting down to UOWs campus opening in India

Q&A with Campus Director Nimay Kalyani

Boss battles: Can you handle a tough manager?

Expert tips to troubleshoot a toxic workplace from the latest UOW's Luminaries webinar

A career switch for the good of the planet

From the beaches of Wollongong to the frosty wilderness of Iceland

UOW campus in India is in prime position for July launch

Opening as the second highest-ranked university in India

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The expert advice for managing children’s meltdowns

Tears, tantrums, school refusal and emotional turmoil can often accompany the start of the school year. Parents need the tools to help their child manage change, communicate effectively, find positive routines and practice emotional regulation. 

Discovering a love of learning

Randi and his son, Umar found more than just a play space at the UOW Early Start Discovery Space. Read how the world’s first dedicated children's museum became a catalyst for Umar’s development, turning the shy toddler into a confident, chatterbox explorer.

How do we understand autism?

It’s estimated that one in 54 Australians live with autism. How can we better understand the needs of individuals in personal and professional settings?

Vice-Chancellor bids farewell to UOW

Vice-Chancellor proud of University’s immense success in research, teaching, and business partnerships

How art helps children to thrive

If children aren’t given the right tools, they can lose the creative outlet that visual arts provides.

Moving research guidelines

Through the creation of an international database and the application of innovative analytics Dr Dylan Cliff, Associate Professor Janette Green and an international team of experts are collaborating to determine the optimal daily balance of movement behaviours that young children need to best support their development, well-being and learning outcomes.