Artificial intelligence: friend or foe? 

AI and the future of art, academia, and ethics 

5 tips for keeping yourself safe online

According to a cybersecurity expert

3 tips to avoid procrastinating

We're all guilty of it.

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Uni life: what you’ve heard vs reality

If you are reading this article, chances are you have considered doing a degree at uni after finishing high school. The good news is you’re on the right track.

How UOW gets you ready for your dream career

To get a job after Uni, you need more than just great marks and a piece of paper. Here, international graduates Joel and Kaiyang talk about stepping out of their comfort zone to get the edge in today's competitive job market.

When Ernest met Tek

When Ernest Bukasa met Teklemariam Mengistu in 2013 “something clicked”. Both had fled war-torn African countries and arrived in Australia as refugees before settling in Wollongong.

What type of career planner are you?

Some people ask all the questions at career days and Open Days, some aren't sure where to start, but everyone finds their own path. So, which kind of career planner are you?

9 questions to ask at a careers market

Careers markets can help you get a better idea of your future study plans. But what info do you need to look out for? And what questions should you ask? To help, we’ve put together our top nine questions.

Up to the challenge: a life in research

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) she has led UOW’s efforts to solve some of the world’s biggest, most complex problems.