Gender expression and my non-binary identity

A personal reflection by UOW staff member Kit West

Home truths on housing affordability

Exploring solutions to the housing affordability crisis in UOW's latest Luminaries webinar

UOW medical student combines passion for healthcare and literacy

Teaching the next generation.

Dismantling barriers and chasing dreams with the Dylan Alcott Foundation

Meet UOW’s Dylan Alcott Foundation scholars

Diving into marine life mysteries with UOW’s MAVE Lab

Uncovering the work of the Marine Vertebrate Ecology Lab

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Home truths on housing affordability

Delving into the shifting landscape of home ownership and living arrangements, UOW's latest Luminaries webinar showcased the socio-economic forces reshaping our understanding of 'home'.

Diving into marine life mysteries with UOW’s MAVE Lab

With humpback whales migrating along Illawarra shorelines, we get daily reminders of the amazing marine life that exists right on our doorstep.

Transforming microfinance for women's empowerment

Many initiatives aimed at improving women’s rights tend to emphasise women’s empowerment through a narrow, individualistic lens. What we need is systemic change.

Boss battles: Can you handle a tough manager?

Navigating the complexities of today’s workplace can be difficult, regardless of your chosen industry. But throw a challenging supervisor into the mix and the struggle becomes very real.

Hidden hunger: unmasking the reality of food insecurity

Despite living in one of the world’s richest countries, up to one in four Australians go hungry.  

Five key insights into the treatment of Hepatitis C

‘Hepatitis C - A Public Health Success Story’ was the latest event in the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Luminaries webinar series.

Are we facing an online identity crisis?

In today’s hyperconnected world, the never-ending cycle of selfies, filtering, posting, and checking for likes and comments is almost second nature. But what’s the cost to our sense of identity, self-worth and mental health?

Using big-data and genetic analysis to improve plant breeding around the world

In farming, it’s crucial to evaluate the best varieties of any given crop to plant each year based on how well different genetic lines perform in varied environments.

Securing the financial future of women

Meet the UOW graduate and researcher who are each leading the way for women in finance.

Meet the UOW academics leading research across the country

Seven researchers from the University of Wollongong (UOW) have been named as leading researchers across 10 scientific fields by The Australian’s Research Magazine 2024.

In safe hands

Meet Higher Degree Research scholars from UOW's Early Start and discover the 'why' behind their research

Understanding Australia’s ancient landscape

“I’m not a very spiritual person, but it’s such a spiritual place out there. It’s otherworldly, and I just sort of fell in love with the place and the community.”

The guardian of the e-world

For 30 years, Professor Willy Susilo has been at the forefront of cryptographic and cybersecurity breakthroughs, forging the path to Australian cybersecurity and teaching others to do the same.

Can peace and democracy co-exist?

Former UN peacekeeper Dr Izabela Pereira Watts shares her academic expertise and firsthand experiences from the field

Will artificial intelligence revolutionise the higher education sector for good?

When a plumber turned up to do some work at Thomas King’s home last year, he told the IT expert that he’d recently contested a parking ticket using the artificial intelligence (AI) software program ChatGPT.

Walking in the footsteps of scientists at Low Isles

Environmental researcher Associate Professor Sarah Hamylton retells her latest expedition

UOW medical students leading the way with research projects 

Changing medical practice and procedure is usually based on the advice of practitioners with years of experience.

Embedding sustainability is serious business

Jacki Johnson has spent the past 25 years working in the insurance sector in a variety of executive and leadership roles and is a director of a mutual bank. Now her passion for sustainability has brought her to UOW.