Tailor your career in fintech at UOW India

Get set to make your mark with a world-class course offering

Navigating troubled waters

Why the BBNJ Agreement marks a critical turning point for ocean protection

Putting healthy snacks on the global map

Innovating accessible health food

Believing in a new age of autism support

Diagnosed with autism as an adult, Kory Sherland turned lived experience into her life's work

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Three pivotal strategies for harnessing talent

Harnessing and optimising talent has never been more critical. As leaders and managers strive to navigate the complexities of talent management, the principles outlined in my new book, Rethinking Talent Decisions: A Tale of Complexity, Technology, and Subjectivity, offer a beacon of light.

Powerful voices reveal the reality of economic disparity for women

Economic independence and housing solutions for women were the key topics brought to the table at a recent International Women's Day live panel discussion, presented by the University of Wollongong (UOW) and GongTalks.

Securing the financial future of women

Meet the UOW graduate and researcher who are each leading the way for women in finance.

The year in review

As the sun sets on another eventful year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the significant milestones that have shaped its journey throughout 2023.

UOW students exploring the next frontier

Like a lot of young people, Jay Archer was fascinated with astronauts and space. However, for Archer it wasn’t just a dream - the UOW graduate made it a reality.

The double degree dynamic

Joe Cincotta’s career has taken him from advertising to the frenetic pace of digital start-ups, to working with Facebook, to banks and insurance, to medicine and now helping zoos around the world care for their animals.