Three pivotal strategies for harnessing talent

Dr Sharna Wiblen’s advice for harnessing exponential outcomes by elevating (human) decision-making.

Here are three pivotal strategies for decision-makers to harness talent and transcend their teams and organisations from mediocrity to excellence:

Begin with Y.O.U – Your Own Understanding

The journey to better decision-making starts with taking a deep, introspective look at oneself and understanding the power of Y.O.U – Your Own Understanding.  I’ve learned the power of understanding one’s perceptions in improving talent decisions because all talent decisions start with a thought. 

My book highlights the power of personal judgment and encourages you to learn how your perspectives shape outcomes.  By understanding our lenses, assumptions and perceptions of values, we gain knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of our internal decision-making software.  Developing an awareness of Y.O.U - Your Own Understanding - enables us to update our internal human software.  Updating human software – our thinking – is essential because the quality of your thoughts fundamentally shapes the quality of our decisions.  Helping you to think about your thinking matters because the quality of your thinking influences the quality of your decisions, and the quality of your decisions influences the quality and outcomes of your actions.  

Focus on improving one decision at a time 

We can improve the quality of our every day by improving the quality of our decisions.  With this in mind, I encourage you to invest in improving the quality of your decision-making, one decision at a time. 

I advocate for recognising the significant influence of each deliberate, intentional, and informed decision.  My book is a call to action for decision-makers to recognise the value in incrementally improving their decisions and fully appreciate that these decisions’ collective effect can fundamentally transform an individual, a team, a function and an organisation. 

Each decision, no matter how small, has the potential to contribute to significant returns in terms of talent optimisation and organisational effectiveness.  By making one deliberate decision at a time, leaders can transform their talent management approach into a strategic asset.  The power of incrementally improving human decision-making remains profound even within technological innovations because creativity and ethical considerations remain at the forefront of daily interactions and strategic initiatives, whether enabled by technology or not. 

Leverage exponential returns  

A pivotal strategy for harnessing talent involves recognising that no decision is too minor; each decision includes the potential for generating exponential returns.  In my book, I encourage us to envision decisions as interconnected gears, each representing a decision.  When set in motion, the gears initiate a chain reaction that spans individuals, teams, organisations and societies.  The moving gears symbolise the transformational power of each decision.  The gears become larger as we progress, representing the exponential growth possible.  

You can also think of talent decisions as a cascading line of dominos, each piece representing a decision that sets off a ripple effect. Just like the mesmerising spectacle of falling dominos, our decisions hold the power to ignite a chain reaction of positive transformation. 

The concept of harnessing exponential returns from each decision is powerful and empowering.  

Within us lies the extraordinary ability to initiate a chain reaction of transformative mindsets and approaches where each decision becomes a strategic ‘investment’ with the potential for exponential growth. 

This perspective can help leaders and managers shift the focus from sweeping change initiatives to the cumulative power of individual decisions.  This approach also elevates the individual’s role in shaping the organisational trajectory and underscores the collective impact of the broader workforce on achieving broader strategic goals.

In a world where the pace of change is relentless, making deliberate, intentional, and informed decisions is invaluable.  The potential for harnessing talent and generating exponential returns lies in our capacity to rethink and refine our decision-making processes—one decision at a time.  By upgrading human software, we can master the art and science of talent decisions.


Rethinking Talent Decisions by Dr Sharna Wiblen is more than just a book; it’s a roadmap for leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment and is available via DeGruyter, Amazon and other good book stores.  Learn more about Dr Sharna Wiblen via UOW Scholars or her website