What every parent should know about the path to university

How to prep teens for their next crucial step.

From the hectic pace of Year 12 to making the next step into university, we have everything you need to support your child through this exciting and often challenging rite of passage. 

Whether you’ve experienced university life yourself or it is all a bit of a mystery to you, guiding your child through the HSC and making sense of applications, course options, and finances can feel overwhelming for any parent. We’ve broken it down to take the pressure off your flooded mind, making sure you don’t miss a thing. 

Save the date

First up, here are some key dates to put in your calendar:  

  • 17 June: Early Admission applications open 
  • 22 June, 10 am – 3 pm: Open Day – Wollongong campus  
  • 27 July, 11 am – 2 pm: Open Day – Liverpool campus  
  • 9 August: Early Admission applications close 

HSC to Uni – how to guide them towards the ‘right’ course 

While some students may have a clear career in mind, most students are a little unsure. If this is your child, encourage them to brainstorm some areas that they’re passionate about. Do they enjoy maths, science or English? Are they creative, analytical or a bit of both? 

Open Day at UOW is the perfect opportunity for future students to gain some clarity on the courses they may enjoy while experiencing a taste of uni life. They can talk to academic staff, tour our facilities and hear from various faculties about courses on offer. 

Early Admission explained

Available only for current Year 12 students, Early Admission provides a UOW offer before they complete their final exams. Early Admission not only provides peace of mind for your child (and you!) but, unlike the HSC, holistically assesses them on a range of factors, meaning that they’re seen as more than ‘just’ their ATAR.

Based on their Year 11 marks, assessment is undertaken by UOW academics who design and teach the courses; they know talent when they see it! They look at the subjects that applicants are studying, how they’re going, as well as their responses to four questions around: academic readiness; motivation and passion; communication and collaboration, and planning and persistence.

Have a backup plan

If your child misses out on an offer to a particular course, remind them not to despair, there are many pathways available. We are here to guide them, whether it is to UOW College, to undertake a pathway program - there’s always a way through. 

Money on the table - Is university study worth it? 

University study exposes young people to different perspectives, providing a well-rounded understanding of the world and the opportunity to develop skills, resilience, and time to mature and develop their own set of values. But is it worth the investment? 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics young people without a degree currently earn almost $600 a week less than those with a bachelor's degree - who bring in approximately $1500 each week. This advantage has long-lasting effects, with graduates on average enjoying an 88 per cent increase in salary, a decade after they complete their degree.

In safe hands

Seeing your child off to uni can cause anxiety, not just for them, but for you too. It’s a grieving process as it signifies the transition from child to adult in a very real way. As a University, we want all parents to know that their young person will be well looked after by UOW. 

We have a range of support services from mental health with our Student Success Hub to learning support with our Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program, Student Success Portal, and for those who need extra provisions, we have accessibility measures in place. If your child is living on campus, there’s even more help and support as they deal with the range of emotions that come with moving out of home.