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Why you should enrol in a Master of Computing (Data Analytics)

Launching in July, this cutting-edge course bridges computing and data analytics expertise

UOW India's Master of Computing (Data Analytics) is a program designed to equip both computing professionals and newcomers to the field with cutting-edge skills. Here’s everything you need to know about the course, and how it can propel you to reach your dream job in IT and computing.

A stellar reputation

When it begins operations, UOW India will be the second highest ranked university in India in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Be part of UOW India's first Master of Computing (Data Analytics) cohort to benefit from world-class learning, groundbreaking research, and the dynamic industry partnerships to facilitate your career success.

Study at your own pace

This 1.5 year full-time program offers flexibility for those working full-time, allowing part-time study at your own pace. For full-time workers, choosing to complete one to two subjects per session , providing a balanced approach to education and career advancement.

Three things to know about this course:

1.     Credit for Prior Learning: Bachelor's degree holders in Computer Science can apply for credit, gaining 24 credit points (4 subject equivalent). Completing the Graduate Certificate in Computing can enable the Master of Computing (Data Analytics) to be completed in 1 year full-time or part-time equivalent.

2.     Subjects: To complete this program, you'll need to complete 72 credit points through subjects such as Programming and Data Structures, Data Management Systems, Web Development, Security Essentials, and more. You can also tailor your experience with elective choices like Security, Ethics and Professionalism, or Information, Design and Content Management.

3.     Intake: Orientation at UOW India starts Monday, 29 July, 2024.

Flexible study and world-class learning

'On-campus' study at UOW India GIFT City offers flexibility, and you can sometimes choose class times outside business hours. With the integration of online learning, your time on campus maximises the world-class education and expertise of key faculty members including Head of School, School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT), Distinguished Professor Willy Susilo.

Distinguished Professor Willy Susilo

Distinguished Professor Susilo is an IEEE Fellow, an IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Fellow, and an ACS (Australian Computer Society) Fellow. Since obtaining his PhD from the University of Wollongong in 2001, he has published more than 500 research papers in journals and conference proceedings in cryptography and network security. 

Fee requirement:

The total course fee for this degree is $27,900*(2024).
(Note: All fees are stated in Australian currency (AUD) for the 2024 commencement at UOW India campus, applicable only when paid in AUD for enrolment into UOW India Gift City).

Kickstart your career in tech with a Master of Computing (Data Analytics) at UOW India. Apply now

For more information about the programs and how to apply, visit the UOW India website.  

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