What happens at an Early Admission Offer Activation Event?

Answering your questions.

Received an invitation to an Early Admission Offer Activation Event?

Your hard work has paid off and you’re eligible for an offer to UOW before you sit your HSC exams. Congrats! We hope your outcomes email brought a sigh of relief.

You might have a few questions if you have been invited to attend an Offer Activation Event. Read on to learn more about why you’ve been invited and what to expect from these events.

What are the Offer Activation Events? 

If you have been invited to attend an Offer Activation Event, you have met the Early Admission criteria for your course preference(s) or an alternate program of study we think you may be more suited to. We can see you have the smarts and passion to succeed at UOW and want to give you the opportunity to discover more about your course and meet faculty members and current UOW students. You’ll leave the event confident in your course selection and ready to receive your Early Admission offer in October.

When and where are they held? 

There are three sessions, which you can register for online.

  • Monday 26 September 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday 27 September 12:00 pm
  • Wednesday 28 September, 6:00 pm

These are online sessions, so you can dial in from school, home or anywhere with an internet connection. You won’t need to have your camera on either.

What happens during the session? 

It will start with a welcome from the University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor (Health) Louise Hickman. After this, you’ll be prompted to break off into your study area session, where academics and UOW staff will provide an overview of the course content. For many of you, this will be the first opportunity to meet some of the people you’ll be learning from over the next few years! We then open the floor for your questions, which you can submit through an online chat. Academics will answer these during the session.

Do I need to prepare anything before my session? 

We encourage you to do some research about your degree. Visit our website to learn more about potential majors, explore the course handbook and familiarise yourself with some of the terms and language you’ll encounter during your time at UOW. This often triggers questions you might not need the answers to right now, but you’ll need this information in the future.

What happens if I miss my session? 

We understand that life can sometimes throw you a curve ball. If you have missed your Offer Activation Event for whatever reason, contact our Future Students team who can arrange an alternative session.

Why am I invited to a session for a course I didn’t apply to?

If you see a different course listed in your outcome email, we have identified a course better suited to you after an assessment of your application. An example of this would be, that you applied for a Bachelor of Business but were instead invited to a session for a Diploma of Business. You can always apply for your chosen degree through UAC and wait for your HSC results, but you should still attend the Offer Activation Event to receive the alternate offer.

I’ve completed the session. What’s next?

Once you’ve attended the Offer Activation Event, you must wait for your offer to arrive in your inbox on Monday 10 October. Following your offer (or offers), you can begin enrolling into Uni, which we will guide you through too, all before you sit your first exam!