Aussie Slang you need to know at UOW

Wanna meet at the Illa on Thursday arvo?

Every country in the world has its own lingo and Australia is no different. Here is our official UOW Aussie slang guide.

Being well-versed in Australian slang gives you a unique sense of belonging and a confidence boost like no other. If you've just moved to Wollongong, here is our guide to some Aussie slang and Wollongong local terms you're sure to come across during your time at UOW. 

'Arvo' - afternoon

Sentence: I will be heading to the grocery shops this arvo. 

'Barbie' - barbecue

Sentence: Summer is the best time for a barbie in your backyard. 

'Bottle-O' - liquor shop

Sentence: Can you grab some drinks from the bottle-O on your way back from uni. 

'Brekky' - breakfast

Sentence: I had avo toast and eggs for brekky this morning.

'Chip roll' - UOW UniBar delicacy of a bread roll, hot chips and gravy 

Sentence: I am getting a chip roll for lunch. 

'Illa' - Hotel Illawarra

Sentence: Lucy invited Rachel to join her at Illa for drinks and dinner. 

'Lappy' - laptop

Sentence: I could not present my slides in class because I forgot to bring my lappy.

'Mozzies' - mosquitoes

Sentence: Watch out. The mozzies will bite you at this time of night.

'Servo' - service station

Sentence: Go to the servo in town for the cheapest fuel around here.

'She’ll be right' - it will be fine

Sentence: Jack complained about having three assignments due while pouring himself another cup of coffee, “she’ll be right mate,” Shane said. 

'Suss it out' - to investigate something 

Sentence: Let's go to the UniBar and try to suss out this assignment over some chips and beer!

'The Gong' - Wollongong

Sentence: The Gong is best known for its picturesque beaches and peaceful lifestyle.

'Topdeck' - lighthouse carpark in North Wollongong

Sentence: I watched the breathtaking moonrise from my car at Topdeck.

'Yeah nah' - no; when you disagree with someone on something.

Sentence: “Try this sausage sizzle. It’s better than Bunnings,” Lachlan said, “Yeahnah, that’s not possible,” I replied.

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