Three Minute Thesis

Meet the 2020 UOW finalists

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition celebrates the exciting research conducted by Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students. Developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), 3MT cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills.

The competition supports their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience with the assistance of one power point slide.

The 2020 Virtual UOW 3MT final will feature two students chosen from each Faculty. Each student will be required to submit a video containing a presentation on their thesis topic in just three minutes. Prizes will be awarded for the winner, runner-up and people’s choice, which is voted for by the attendees at the virtual event. Following the presentations, the judges will have time to deliberate and the audience will be invited to vote for their People’s Choice. At approximately 4:45pm the judging panel will announce the winners. This year, our 3MT competition is sponsored by UniBank with the winner, runner-up and people’s choice awards being presented by Unibank and prize money provided by UniBank.

The winner of the UOW Three Minute Thesis Competition will be invited to attend the 2020 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition (3MT®) which will be held in virtual format, hosted by The University of Queensland on Thursday 1st October 2020. 

Meet the winner of the UOW3MT Final (updated 18th August)

UOW finalists for 2020 

Corinne Green: Corinne is a late-stage PhD student in the School of Education, exploring how school-university partnerships are implemented in initial teacher education. She is passionate about teacher education that meaningfully integrates theory with practice, which has informed both her PhD studies and her own teaching. Her 3MT title is "Enhancing the teaching profession through school-university partnerships"

Sharon James: Sharon is a highly experienced primary health care nurse who is currently in the final stages of her PhD candidature in the School of Nursing. She was awarded an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship to undertake a mixed methods Doctoral project exploring lifestyle risk factor communication between nurses and consumers in general practice. Her other interests include communication, lifestyle risk prevention, chronic disease management and nursing roles in primary health care. Her 3MT thesis title is "The risky business of talking about lifestyle"

Stefania Peracchi: Stefania has almost completed her PhD at the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, Faculty of Engineering. She developed a unique detector to protect astronauts from cosmic radiation in space. This new technology will monitor the health of humans on future missions to the Moon and Mars, measuring the dose and informing the crew of unacceptable level of radiation that will cause cancer. Her 3MT title is "Moon to Mars and beyond"

Afshan Rauf: Afshan is a mid-stage PhD student in the Faculty of Business and Law. She is exploring the wellbeing of healthcare professionals. Afshan is passionate to reaching out to the carers who cares for the community to bring a wider impact. She has always prioritised her student’s wellbeing and mentored more than thousands of students over 5 years and now integrating the wellness drive within healthcare organisations. Her 3MT title is "Organisational Wellbeing: Changing the Lens, Changing Healthcare Professionals’ Lives!"

Eugene Laloo: Eugene has been working as a WHS professional for the past 28 years in South Africa, and more recently in Australia. While most of his work throughout his career focused on physical safety, a shift in his work in Australian saw him witnessing bullying practices in the workplace. Because of this Eugene developed a keen interest in the prevention and mitigation of psychological hazards. While the level of analysis for psychological hazards have been on the individual level. His 3MT title is "The Impact of Leadership on the Psychosocial Safety Climate of Organisations"

Grant Kinghorn: Grant is a mid-stage PhD candidate in the School of Nursing, exploring the transition of Registered Nurses into Forensic Mental Health Employment. Based on his previous clinical practice, Grant believes that while Forensic Mental Health is often stigmatised, it provides a vital service to many individuals and a unique & rewarding experience for health professionals. His 3MT title is "Making the leap- the transition of Registered Nurses to Forensic Mental Health"

Yaser Rehman: Yaser is a mid-stage PhD candidate at Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM), carrying out research on advanced materials for health applications. His research will help to avert the global crisis posed by the virus and bacteria and save the future generations from the pandemics. His 3MT title is "Quantum dots of unstable phases: A revolutionary avenue for medicine"

Jiahong Zhao: Jiahong is a fourth-year PhD student in @uoweis after five years’ work in industry. Now that AI is shaping our future but hard to be applied due to real-world noise, he is researching on a new microphone arrangement to remove noise using much fewer microphones. His 3MT title is "Smarter ears for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology"

Suzi Skinner: Suzi is a published author, international leadership practitioner and global executive coach. Suzi is a PhD student with Sydney Business School, exploring the influences on leader self-confidence. She is passionate about every individual building their confidence as a leader, at any level of an organisation. Suzi’s compelling findings extend and transform 40 years of research into self-efficacy, providing new and exciting pathways in building leader confidence, step-by-step. Her 3MT title is "Activating Leader Confidence"

Abdul Moqeet Hai: Abdul is representing the Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM). His 3MT title is "An Electrifying Solution to Unnerving Problems"