Off to a flying start

A graduate's impressive trajectory towards career success

Rajvir Singh has had a soaring start to his career. Less than two years ago, while studying towards a computer science degree, he landed a graduate position in financial services with Macquarie Group, Hong Kong, combining his skills and passion for technology with real-world problem solving.

It’s a position he credits to hard work and dedication, and the supportive learning environment and opportunities he had access to while studying at UOW College in Hong Kong (UOWCHK).

“The University of Wollongong has really given me a lot. Along with access to the latest technologies, the knowledge and skills I acquired through the degree program really helped me to work out what I wanted to do with my career,” he says.

Rajvir completed an associate degree in computer programming in 2016, before enrolling in UOW’s Bachelor of Computer Science Top-Up degree at UOWCHK and securing his position with Macquarie Group, through the FDM Group Graduate Program.

“I was encouraged by my professor to apply for a graduate program to build on my studies and help build my career,” he tells us. “She was really helpful and despite one of the interviews landing on the same day as one of her lessons, she encouraged me to go for it.”

He says the process of being assessed by the recruiters was a daunting, but valuable experience. There were numerous rounds of interviews and tests, providing an opportunity for both Rajvir and the organisation to get to know more about one another.

“It was a very competitive process,” he recalls. “When I got the role with FDM Group I was really happy. But when I told my professor, she was even happier than me! She was really pleased for me but also proud that I would be representing UOW as a graduate of the Bachelor of IT program in Hong Kong.”

“I realised that getting into the industry is really difficult, but if you put in the effort and get the right support at the right time, you will get the job.”

While Rajvir was certain about a role working in IT, he wasn’t sure about the kind of companies he wanted to work for. The graduate program helped him to look further afield to the world of finance.

“Financial companies are currently investing a lot into IT. It’s an exciting space to be in. It’s very satisfying to be able to help create a better work flow and drive improvements in the application of technology and services. This is what I was looking for.”

Rajvir’s educational experience was enriched by an academic and cultural study tour program visiting UOW’s Wollongong campus in Australia.

“I came to Australia for two weeks and it was a dream come true. People in Wollongong were very friendly and welcoming. I made many connections and I try to keep up with everyone that I met through my studies both in Wollongong and Hong Kong.”

While in Wollongong, Rajvir participated in a variety of activities including English conversation groups, academic briefings, community engagement and local sightseeing activities and stayed with a local family for the duration of the tour.

Rajvir Singh

During his studies at UOWCHK, Rajvir demonstrated his natural ability to lead his peers through his role as a student leader. He acknowledges the importance of networks and has remained in contact with his fellow graduates as well as the global UOW alumni network, regularly participating in reunions, events and programs coordinated by the University’s alumni relations team.

Rajvir plans to continue learning in his role, and work towards a management position, looking to one day pay it forward and help mentor others to build a rewarding career.

He says one of the things he likes most about his current role is the opportunity to think ‘outside the box.’

“Every day presents a new challenge and the opportunity to learn about new technologies that are ultimately going to help improve business systems used by people across the organisation,” says Rajvir.

“This is exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to solve problems and help make things better for people. And now I am doing it! It’s the reward I wanted.”

Rajvir Singh
Bachelor of Computer Science - Information Technology, 2018