Olivia's Early Admission experience

This is why it pays to be early.

Your ATAR. It’s probably the big thing on your mind right now. It might have caused some tears, a few late nights and your stress levels to go through the roof. But what if we told you that at UOW, being early could change all that?

UOW student Olivia was able to relax and focus on doing her best, after her hard work helped her gain Early Admission to her chosen degree at UOW. As a local student who always knew she wanted to go to UOW, Olivia decided Early Admission would be worth applying for.

Now in her final year of university, she hopes to use her degree to pursue climate justice.


Choosing a uni

I wasn’t really looking at other unis. I had been to so many UOW activity days and HSC days throughout high school and I always liked the atmosphere on campus. The UOW students I met throughout my time visiting were always really nice and friendly. I loved the campus too and all the greenery compared to the high rises you get in the city.


Next big step

I thought Early Admission was a good opportunity to get my life sorted a bit before I started my HSC. A lot of people were stressing out a bit because applying to uni is the first big step you take after high school.


One less worry

I got my offer a few days before my first exam. It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders to know I had somewhere to go and to know it was all there ready for me after the HSC. Your marks are such a big focal point during Year 12 that you forget other stuff is going to happen afterwards.

UOW student Olivia standing at UOW Wollongong campus  

Making myself proud

Being accepted to UOW was a real confidence boost heading into my HSC. It was very reassuring. I didn’t have to worry about the idea of university anymore – it was all there waiting for me after I finished, which made it easier to study.

I had studied hard for such a long time, so I didn’t want to back off. I wanted to keep working to my full potential and try to get the marks I had aspired to get. It was more like a confidence boost rather than a ‘hang back, relax and don’t worry about it anymore’. I did the best I could for myself.


Life at uni

I think I have really settled in well at UOW. Since I started, I have joined the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and the Debating Society as well. Both of them have been really fun. You’ve got students from across all faculties and years as part of these clubs, so it helps you make connections with people outside of your classes.

Actually, being involved with the uni is really great. I’m happily enjoying my subjects in my course and I feel at uni there is less pressure. You just work to your potential.

I am quite passionate about climate justice, so I hope the biology field will lead me in that direction.


UOW Early Admission applications are open from July-August.

Note: UOW expects that your HSC marks will match or exceed those shown in your Early Admission application. So while you’ll still have to study for your exams (sorry about that), you’ll go into them with the confidence that we’ve got a place waiting just for you.

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