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SOLS (Student OnLine Services) & SOLSMail

What is SOLS?

SOLS is the most vital tool in the management of your enrolment at the University. It is essential that you access SOLS at least once per week so you don't miss out on important information

It is where you must go to enrol and withdraw, check your results, receive important messages, view fees information, personal details and a range of other services.

The University will send 'SOLSMail' notifications which you will need to read and acknowledge. Make sure you don't skip these without reading them, as you risk missing out on information which might affect your enrolment or assist you in avoiding penalties and fines. 

What is SOLS Mail?

SOLS Mail (or SOLS Messages), is the main tool UOW will use to update you on important information, such as changes to a subject or upcoming deadlines.    

  • Messages less than 7 days old - will appear in a table at the bottom of the SOLS home page
  • Messages older than 7 days - will pop up when you log into SOLS. You will need to read and acknowledge these messages before you can continue into SOLS main menu 

Recent Updates 

How Do I Access SOLS?

From University of Wollongong home page

  • Click on Current Students
  • Under SOLS, type in your username and password
  • Click Logon 


SOLS Login Screen 

SOLS Menu Explained

Main Menu 

eLearning Access subject information online via Moodle. Subject coordinators will set up Moodle sites for more subjects. If you have questions on how to use a Moodle site for a particular subject, you can contact the coordinator directly
Assignment Results See individual assignment results (note that not all academic staff will post results here)
Personal Details View and edit your personal and emergency contact details
Address & Contact Details View and edit your session and permanent/home address details and contact numbers
Create Unix/e-mail account If you did not receive an email account at enrolment, create one here
Enrolment Record (Final Grades) View subject code, status, and marks/grades for completed subjects
Print Enrolment Record Create a profile and print your enrolment record for 3rd parties to verify your enrolment
Enrolment and Variations Change your subject enrolments - enroll or withdraw from subjects
Provisional Enrolment - Waiver Request If you have subjects in provisional status and would like to apply to have the pre/co requisites waived
Major Maintenance Declare or change your major when faculty approval is not required
Academic Consideration Apply for academic consideration
Student Statistical Information Update your statistical information (optional)
Textbook Information Textbook information for currently enrolled subjects (note that not all academics use this tool. You can also look up textbooks by subject code at the UniShop)
Affiliates' Membership (UniCentre and URAC) Membership applications for URAC and UniCentre VIP
Tutorial Enrolment Tutorial, class, and prac selections
SOLSMail History View history of SOLS Mail sent to you. Sort by category
SOLS Feedback Provide feedback on the functionality and performance of SOLS
SOLS Vote Voting for student elections
Student Forms Access and submit some of the most frequent student forms and applications
Supplementary Assessment Accept or decline an offer for a supplementary exam if you have been offered one by the faculty
Transport Concession Consent Provide consent for UOW to share your eligibility information, before applying for a Student Concession Opal Card

Timetable Menu 

Exam Timetable Check your exam timetable here once it has been released
Subject Timetable Once you have enrolled, see your own personal subject timetable

Fees Menu 

Internet Payment Pay fees online with a credit card
HELP Loan Option Use this option to view and change your HECS, FEE and SA HELP billing options
Fee Statement See all outstanding balances and print your fee statement
Commonwealth Assistance Notice View and print statements of fees deferred to HELP loans, paid upfront, and any upfront payment discounts received
HECS Liability Notice - Pre 2005 HECS fees deferred prior to 2005
PELS Liability Notice - Pre 2005 PELS fees deferred prior to 2005

Graduation Menu 

Graduation Application Apply to graduate in your final session
Graduation Confirmation & Eligibility Check your graduation details and confirm eligibility once released

Higher degree research menu

HDR Annual Progress Report Research students complete and view annual progress report
HDR - Research Information System  
Last reviewed: 15 April, 2015