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The University of Wollongong has two Student Associations which exist to represent the interests of undergraduate and postgraduate students. All students automatically have access to representative and professional advocacy services provided by the Associations; however, both offer extra services and benefits for financial members.

Undergraduate Students

The Wollongong University Student Association (WUSA) is a 28 member council elected by the student body each September to take office on the 1st of January the following year. Every undergraduate student is able to run for a position on WUSA.

WUSA is made up of 14 general representatives and 14 office bearers. Office bearers include the President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Event Coordinator, Education Campaigns Coordinator, Media Officer (also editor of the student newspaper: Tertangala), Welfare Coordinator, Womens' Representative, Environment Representative, Queer Representative, Indigenous Representative, Disabilities Representative, External Students Representative, and International Students Representative.

The WUSA offices are located on the ground floor of the Unicentre building (11). Meetings of the WUSA are held twice a month in the Unicentre building. Meeting times and locations are advertised in the WUSA offices. All students are welcome to attend these meetings.

The services provided by WUSA include:

  • Organises social events - bands, performance nights, free weekly BBQ's- usually held Tuesdays on the duckpond lawn etc.
  • Organises forums on the lawn.
  • Produces a student newspaper, Tertangala, to which any student can contribute articles, poems, reviews, etc. The WUSA also produces a student's handbook and a number of other handbooks.
  • A second hand Bookbank where students can buy and sell old textbooks.
  • Provides funding to assist in student endeavours, eg. Art exhibitions.
  • Provides cheap photocopying, faxing and binding.
  • An interest-free emergency student loan service (limited to $25).
  • Free tea/coffee in the WUSA office.
  • Free safe sex products
  • Runs various campaigns in conjunction with the National Union of Students around issues of concern to students as well as keeping students up to date on changes to the Federal Government's higher education policies and budgets.
  • Provides free advocacy and support for students who are experiencing difficulties with their lecturers, tutors or administration.

For further information, contact the WUSA on:
+61 2 4221 4201 or visit their website at

 Postgraduate Students

The Wollongong University Postgraduate Association (WUPA) aims to promote and defend the interests of all postgraduate students. WUPA is situated in Building 19, Room G028 on the Wollongong campus.

The WUPA Council is elected by the postgraduate student body each year. The term of office is one year from election. The WUPA Council meets regularly through the year.

Services provided by WUPA for all postgraduates include:

  • A range of social and cultural events;
  • Free confidential advice and support from our Advocacy Officer for students who have complaints or grievances against university policy or procedures (e.g. appeals, university administration, lecturers/supervisors etc);
  • Submissions in response to government & university policies that affect postgraduates (in 2010 this included contributions to UOW’s Environmental Management Plan and a new Student Charter);
  • Representation on the postgraduate Student Conduct Committee;
  • Campaigning/lobbying on issues that affect postgraduate students;
  • Affiliation to the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), which is the national body that represents some 155,000 students.

For further information contact:

Wollongong University Postgraduate Association (WUPA)
Building 19, Room G028
University of Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia
Telephone: 02 4221 5396
Extension 5396 within the University


 University Disclaimer

The WUSA & WUPA websites which are linked from this page are developed and maintained by those bodies. The University accepts no responsibility for any of the content of those sites. The views expressed on those sites are not necessarily those of the University of Wollongong.



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