Can You Tell Me Why?

About "Can You Tell Me Why?"

If you enjoyed Can You Tell Me How, then have a listen to UOW’s first podcast, Can You Tell Me Why? In this series we talk to UOW experts over eight episodes to find surprising answers to difficult questions - from why you can’t keep your exercise routine, to why children need fathers.

Find surprising answers to difficult questions

A podcast by the University of Wollongong

Can You Tell Me Why? Episodes

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If you pay for a gym membership you don’t use, or have new joggers gathering dust in the corner, take a walk with us as we find out why.

Featured Experts:

  • Dr Christian Swann, Associate Research Fellow, Early Start Research Institute (now at SCU)
  • Matthew Schweickle, PhD candidate, Early Start Research Institute


Can fathers be replaced by other male role models? We look at the influence fathers and father figures have on early childhood development.

Featured Experts:

  • Dr Elisabeth Duursma, Senior Lecturer, Early Start Research Institute
  • Professor Marc in het Panhuis, Chief Investigator, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, Australian Institute for Innovative Materials


Many drugs now illegal were legal, not so long ago, so what would happen if we admitted defeat and ended the drug war?

Featured Experts:

  • Ben Mostyn, School of Law
  • Associate Professor Lynne Magor-Blatch, School of Psychology


Do prisons work? And why do people commit crimes? We look at the psychology of crime and finding a balance between punishment and mercy.

Featured Experts:

  • Associate Professor Mitch Byrne, School of Psychology
  • Associate Professor Julia Quilter, School of Law


From making hamburgers to driving trains, the robot economy is inevitable. But just as jobs will disappear, will automation herald new industries?

Featured Experts:

  • Dr Eduardo Fernandez-Pol, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance.
  • Dr Nathan Larkin, Research Fellow, School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering.


Millennials are facing the most expensive housing market in history. How did it get that way and is buying worth it?

Featured Experts:

  • Professor Simon Ville, School of Humanities and Social Inquiry
  • Professor Pascal Perez, Director, SMART Infrastructure Facility


Hold the avo! It can be hard to know when to sacrifice and when to treat yourself. We talk savings and if there’s hope for the future.

Featured Experts:

  • Charlie Gillon, PhD Candidate, Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, School of Geography and Sustainable Communities
  • Loretta Iskra, Associate Lecturer, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance


Or maybe we can. We discuss the reality of 3D printing bones, tissues and maybe entire organs in humanity’s quest to beat disease and death.

Featured Experts:

  • Professor Gordon Wallace, Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science
  • Professor Katina Michael, School of Computing and Information Technology



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