The business of a positive mindset

How this UOW graduate tackled entrepreneurship on a global scale

The rise of reboots, remakes and retelling true stories

Is Hollywood running out of original ideas?

The beautiful diversity of UOW's flora and fauna

Why have a university covered with local native trees, gardens and animals?

From commerce to choreography

How Teagan’s affinity with dancing led to business success

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The Stand exists to unlock the knowledge and expertise inside the University of Wollongong (UOW), telling stories about our people and their accomplishments that inform, educate and inspire. This magazine was born out of a renewed sense of place, purpose and values that will guide the University in fulfilling its role in exploring how to resolve society’s large and complex social, environmental and economic challenges.

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Universities in a post-COVID world

Universities have been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic and their purpose has never been more important, according to UOW’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Theo Farrell.

The two of us: Catherine McKinnon & Sarah Turnbull

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is home to many high achieving PhD students who are working towards solving real world problems. Behind every great PhD candidate is a great supervisor (or two). We hear from both to understand their perspective of the postgraduate journey.

A history of foreign investment

Economic and business historian Senior Professor Simon Ville from UOW's Faculty of Business and Law is investigating the history of multinational enterprises in Australia to fill a major gap in economic and business history literature for the twentieth-century.

Creating Accountability: Improving Responses to Forced Displacement Crimes

International relations expert Associate Professor Phil Orchard is investigating how the United Nations and individual states can best respond to forced displacement crimes.

UOW’s first Indigenous Postdoctoral Research Fellow

For NAIDOC week 2020 we introduce you to UOW’s first Indigenous Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Yuin woman Dr Marlene Longbottom (@DrMLongbottom) - who also advocates for young researchers via UOW’s Early Career Researcher Disruption Committee.

In Pursuit of Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence

Associate Professor Julia Quilter from the School of Law is investigating whether existing laws and courtroom practices help or hinder justice for sexual violence victims with the support of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant of $239,322.