The business of a positive mindset

How this UOW graduate tackled entrepreneurship on a global scale

The rise of reboots, remakes and retelling true stories

Is Hollywood running out of original ideas?

The beautiful diversity of UOW's flora and fauna

Why have a university covered with local native trees, gardens and animals?

From commerce to choreography

How Teagan’s affinity with dancing led to business success

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Why purple food is better for your brain

Thirty years ago, Professor Karen Charlton was working as a hospital dietitian in the North East of England. After work she would visit older men who lived alone in sheltered housing accommodation to interview them about what they ate. Professor Charlton smiles when she talks about this time.

Train your brain for study using mindfulness

Have you ever caught yourself worrying that you won't get your assessment in by the due date? Or realised you've been sidetracked by your Instagram feed instead of listening to the conversation you're supposed to be having? It's something we can all relate to and, according to research, mindfulness can help.

5 foods to boost your concentration

Exams can be a huge drain on the brain, so you need to keep it well fed. Enter Rebecca Gawthorne.

9 things we all do to avoid study and how procrastination can help

If you've done any of the below activities when you're meant to be studying, here's how you can turn procrastination into your secret study weapon.

A student's guide to healthy study snacks

Whether you're hungry, peckish or just finding another way to procrastinate, here are UOW student Isabella’s favourite healthy snacks to keep you satisfied and energised while studying for your exams.

Healthy gut, healthy mind

How can maintaining good gut health improve the lives of people with schizophrenia and their ability to function in the world?