Counting down to UOWs campus opening in India

Q&A with Campus Director Nimay Kalyani

With just a month to go until the planned opening of the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) campus in India, we caught up with Campus Director Nimay Kalyani for a status update.

From its strategic location to the innovative employer and networking opportunities students can expect, UOW is set to bring its prestigious global reputation to one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly growing economies. We spoke to Campus Director Nimay Kalyani for an update on the anticipated project.
How is work progressing on the new campus?
“As we get closer to the go live date, the work on site is progressing at an unprecedented
efficiency. There are multiple teams working at site in tandem. The developer has a few teams including the electricians, the plumbers, the glass workers, and their third-party service providers among others."

Rendering of building exterior of University of Wollongong India Campus Rendering of the campus building exterior at GIFT City, Gujarat
"These teams are working alongside our contractors for the IT Infrastructure including the IT/AV equipment, the server rooms, the security systems, the classroom technologies, the student collaboration spaces and of course the staff areas. Upon completion, this campus will have the latest technologies setting it up as a world class campus for student experience.”
How does the campus integrate within its location at GIFT City? 
“Gujarat International Financial Technologies (GIFT) City is India’s first operational greenfield smart city developed with the vision of becoming a leading global financial and technology hub. Our initial degree offerings are in the space of Computing and Financial Technologies, and these align well with the purpose the city was built for, and the current and future occupants of the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) SEZ within GIFT City. Our location in the IFSC SEZ area is surrounded by the two Indian stock exchanges, brokers’ offices and International Banking Units (IBU) of domestic and offshore banks. Fintech entities and tech giants also form the dynamic mix of companies around us.”
What is the significance of UOW in India?
“There are so many factors to be excited about UOW opening a campus in India. A world class leading university that ranks very high in any global ranking system is opening its doors in India. UOW’s ranking places it in the same breath as the group of elite institutes of India known as the Institutes of National Importance. We are not here to compete with these institutes but join them in creating more opportunities for the students in India.”

Rendering of UOW India library interior Rendering of the campus library interior
“As a country, India is also at a very exciting juncture. It is the fifth largest economy in the world with a growth rate that surpasses all the preceding four countries with a large and growing middle, and upper-middle class. India also has the youngest workforce in the world that is highly skilled. UOW’s campus in India will be contributing to the advancement of these highly skilled and educated workers. We will facilitate the workforce of the future for global giants that are either shifting their base or developing their presence in India.”

UOW India Campus Director Nimay Kalyani Campus Director Nimay Kalyani


What can UOW offer prospective students in India?
Transforming education and empowering futures is our tagline, and we make this happen by offering Australian degrees from the University of Wollongong. Students will receive a world class education at a world class campus offering excellent experiences both in-and-out of classrooms. Leading global employers will be invited as experts in classrooms and as prospective employers on campus. Students will also have access to a plethora of opportunities to learn and excel in what they chose as a career. Through our degree programs we are setting our students on the path towards a highly successful future.”