The top 3 reasons to study Cyber Security at UOW

According to UOW computer science experts

There has never been a better time to start a career in cyber security.

Research shows that cybercrimes have increased significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 58% of web users feeling more worried than ever about falling victim to an online scam. 

The University of Wollongong (UOW) Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security is a six-month postgraduate course for those with a bachelor’s degree (or higher) who would like to broaden their career options.   

The course falls under UOW’s Commonwealth Supported Places offer, which sees the Australian government subsidise up to 75% of tuition fees for domestic students.  

What else does UOW have to offer in this space? 

Real-world experience 

Dr Ngoc Thuy Le is a lecturer at UOW and designer of the Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security. He says the course has been developed to be as practical as possible.  

“We designed the course to focus on hands-on experience. The material is made based on the real demand for a cyber security career,” says Dr Le.  

“Additionally, the lecturers are from the Institute of Cybersecurity and Cryptology (iC2), one of the top-ranking cyber security research centres in Australia. We also cooperate with worldwide industry partners in cyber security and cloud, such as Cisco, Google, AWS, Deloitte, and Hack the Box.” 

A booming job market 

 Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, according to Dr Le.  

“More than $130 million USD was spent on cyber security in 2017, and this is expected to increase to almost $250 billion USD by 2026. More cyber security professionals are needed to meet demand from both the government and private sectors in Australia and abroad,” says Dr Le.  

“There were more than 134,000 cyber security workers in Australia in 2021, up from 109,000 in 2020 and 107,000 in 2019. This number is predicted to increase by more than 20% annually.” 

A versatile career 

Dr Chau Nguyen is a lecturer in cyber security at UOW. She says the course at UOW is open to postgraduate students from a range of industries.  

“The course is suitable for those who already have a background in IT and want to find a job in cybersecurity field. By completing the course, they can get theoretical and practical knowledge about Web Security, Database Security, Risk Management, and Python Programming for Cybersecurity. So, IT experience together with the lessons from the course will help them to find a very good position in the Cybersecurity field,” says Dr Nguyen.  

“Non-IT employees who are working in other disciplines can also take the course to get a general idea and knowledge about an IT system as well as a useful background in risk management. The lessons are important for them to protect not only themselves, but also their workplace and communities.” 

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