The best TikTok accounts to follow for when you just need a break

It’s all about balance.

Sometimes you just need a break between school, study, and everything in between. Here are our favourite TikTok accounts for when you want to switch off and relax.

Studying for the HSC can be overwhelming; memorising syllabus dot points, understanding the difference between evaluate and analyse, and obsessing over your rankings. Sometimes you need a good belly laugh to release the stress of study and that’s where we have got you covered.  

TikTok has fast become our favourite social media app. Whether you’re into BookTok, CleanTok or FoodTok, there is something on there to keep you entertained and give your mind a rest.  

We have rounded up five of our favourite TikTok accounts for when you need to give in to procrastination and escape into the FYP for an hour (or three).  

 1. Millie Ford

She is Australia’s favourite TikTok teacher and queen of the cardigan. Millie Ford is best known for her highly relatable take on high school life. Whether she is playing the kooky art teacher or shushing exam supervisor, we just know the jingle of that lanyard will put you in a good mood.

2. Cooking With Ayeah

TikTok is great for a brain release, but it also inspires us to part-take in other forms of procrastination that aren’t social media. This is why we love Cooking With Ayeah. She motivates us to get into the kitchen and whip up some yummy treats. It’s the perfect break and great brain fuel for your next study session.

3. Dr Karl 

Watching Dr Karl on TikTok almost feels like studying. His titbits of wisdom and knowledge of the science world always brighten our day and leave us feeling a little bit smarter than before we opened the app. Plus, did you know he’s a Wollongong local and UOW alumni? See you’re cleverer already.  

4. What About Bunny

We can’t write a story about TikTok without mentioning the array of cute furry friends gracing our FYP. What About Bunny is our favourite canine with an extraordinary talent. Bunny’s owner Alexus Devine has trained the Sheepadoole to communicate through a soundboard, where she can speak 92 words. Besides being absurdly adorable, it’s a great reminder that if Bunny can learn to talk, you too can memorise your English text quotes.

5. University of Wollongong

Yes! We have a TikTok and strongly encourage that you give University of Wollongong a follow. We regularly post videos about study and life at UOW and aren’t afraid to jump on a trend or two. Happy TikToking.

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