Destiny put Keval on the right path

Keval Patel believes in destiny.

It was destiny, he says, that landed him in the Diploma of Engineering at UOW College in 2020.

As an international student from India, Keval had to navigate a lot of paperwork to begin his tertiary education in a foreign country. 

“I decided to go to UOW College as I knew that if I did my Diploma of Engineering there I could start as a second year in the Bachelor of Engineering when I had completed.” 

After commencing his bachelor’s degree, Keval realised that UOW College had given him a head start in preparing him for university life and the expectations of academic life. 

“The College let me get a feel for university. If you just go straight into university, you get thrown in at the deep end rather than being allowed to dip your toes in and get a feel for things like I was able to at UOW College.” 

And it wasn’t just the support he received academically through the College for which Keval is grateful. 

Coming straight from India to Australia, he said the College also helped him adjust to the cultural differences between the two countries. 

“The teachers were very supportive in helping me understand the culture as well and explaining it,” he said. 

“Going to UOW College also helped me network with other international students and get a feel for campus life.”  

In fact, Keval’s own experience with UOW College saw him become a mentor to other international students whose first language is not English. 

“It is a good experience being able to help other students,” he said. 

He is now working alongside one of his favourite UOW College lecturers and is part of the College’s engagement team, assisting students who may be struggling to find their feet. 

Completing the Diploma of Engineering before entering the Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Wollongong provided Keval with a thorough understanding of what he would be taking on at university. He said being able to cement the foundational skills needed to progress easily onto the rigours of university study was a great asset when he made the transition. 

“Because you start from the basics at UOW College you get a good understanding of everything, so it made it so much easier going into the second year of a degree. And because I had a two-year gap between finishing high school and going into university it was a good refresher for me.” 

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