A world-class business and law degree close to home

How UOW Liverpool is setting Martin up for the future

When Martin Abdelsayed was finishing high school, he knew he wanted to pursue his business and legal passions.

“I always knew I wanted to study law, as my aunty was studying a master’s degree in family law, and that really got me interested. Funnily enough, I didn’t like Legal Studies in Year 11 and 12, but I loved business studies,” he says.  

Martin was prepared to make the commute from his home in Western Sydney to Wollongong to study a Bachelor of Business – Bachelor of Laws before he discovered a world-class university five minutes from home.  

“I didn't know that there was a campus in Liverpool, let alone that it also offered my degrees,” he says.  

The local campus was a blessing in disguise for Martin. More than halfway through his double degree, he says the close-knit community fostered in Liverpool has helped him throughout his studies.  

“I had a lot of fun in my first year, and the size of the campus means you can meet new people and you’re not just a face in the crowd. You have that personal relationship with your lecturers and tutors, which I think is more enjoyable,” he says.  

“It was also a bit of an easier transition for me from high school because I know a lot of my friends who are currently third or fourth year who might feel like they have been thrown into the deep end. I think with the smaller classes [at UOW Liverpool] and seeing the same people, that transition was a lot smoother." 

Martin was drawn to UOW because of the quality of its law and business degrees, and the practical experience offered through placements and internships.  

“The thing that set UOW apart for me was the real-life experiences that focus on preparing students for the job you want at the end of the degree. I really appreciate that there is a mandatory legal internship in the law degree, rather than just being optional,” he says.  

“In my business degree there are heaps of opportunities to undertake internships and exchanges as well, to get that real-world experience.” 

Martin completed his mandatory internship at a local law firm in Bankstown, where he is now working as a law clerk paralegal, an opportunity he says arose from through his UOW network.  

“That’s why I'm such an advocate for UOW as an option for law, because I’m here [working in a law firm] which is where I want to be in the end.” 

With one year left of his undergraduate degree, Martin hopes to complete an Honours year and a master's degree focusing on family law.  

“I have always wanted to help people and that’s why family law sticks out to me. There are so many couples going through such a hard time with the breakdown of relationships and children getting impacted, and I want to make a difference in that area.” 

UOW Law is ranked in the top 10 in Australia and consistently scores five stars for learner engagement and student support. Students can study a range of law degrees at UOW in Wollongong, Liverpool, and Sydney CBD.