UOW India in prime position for July launch

Opening as the second highest-ranked university in India.

AI will transform Australian healthcare. What should we do to get ready?

What Australians really want when it comes to using artificial intelligence to detect and diagnose disease

Hidden hunger: unmasking the reality of food insecurity

This UOW researcher is on a mission to find a permanent solution to a growing problem

UOW graduate Gill Dinh shines on MasterChef

From creative arts to Australia's most successful cooking competition.

National Volunteer Week: Something for everyone

Unpacking the motivations behind volunteering

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What’s it like to study engineering?

Are you still trying to decide whether a STEM degree is the right fit for you?

What it’s like to win a year of free accommodation at UOW

This time last year, Niamh Mitton won a year of free accommodation at Kooloobong Village. We asked her how everything has changed since then.

How Early Admission can make the biggest difference during the HSC

We know all too well the stress of the HSC, ATARs and study. Imagine if it could disappear, just like that? This could be a reality with UOW Early Admission.

A letter to year 12 me

The time has finally come. I have officially accomplished what I set out to achieve once I finished high school: graduate university. Year 12 seems like forever ago and now, here I am, finishing my final semester and ready to graduate.

Student advocate awarded Wollongong Council’s Volunteer of the Year

As a member of the University of Wollongong’s Student Advisory Council, Carly Lavings has helped to spearhead a number of changes to student life, with the aim of making the university experience more accessible for all.

Easy tips to save money and thrive as a uni student in Wollongong

Uni students typically have a lot on their plate – whether it’s studying for those final exams, organising what’s for dinner, or rounding up mates for a well-deserved beach day, the last thing you want on your mind is finances. Fortunately, there are plenty of great opportunities to save money and thrive around Wollongong, from the CBD, to on the UOW campus.