Combining chemistry and Aboriginal art

Artist and scientist Stephanie Beaupark is combining her two passions for her PhD research.

New podcast series goes behind the scenes of research into Australia’s natural and cultural history

The seven-episode series includes interviews with seven CABAH researchers, a centre based at UOW.

The future of Port Kembla

An historical and geographical interdisciplinary project


The three of us: Fiona Sheppeard, Kathleen Clapham and Peter Kelly

Fiona Sheppeard, a proud Dunghutti woman and UOW psychology graduate, is examining the importance of place in Indigenous culture, and how it can be incorporated into mental health approaches for First Nations People in Australia.

The three of us: Kelly Newell, Katrina Green and Helen Clunas

PhD candidate Helen Clunas is investigating the involvement of the endocannabinoid system in depression under the watchful eye of Supervisors Dr Katrina Green and Associate Professor Kelly Newell from the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health.

The Community Resilience project

The Community Resilience project was supported by Global Challenges in 2019 with the plan to explore the adaptability and resilience of teachers and nurses as frontline workers. When COVID19 hit in early 2020, the team found themselves interviewing Australian frontline workers during the worst pandemic of our generation.

Future materials February

February will see some of the world’s most innovative materials scientists showcase their research on ‘future materials’ with their partners and colleagues at UOW. It will be an opportunity to highlight some of the university’s most recent and significant projects in future materials, and reflect on the last 25 years of research for one of the university’s key research groups.

New Sunscreens for Australians

Find out more about the Next Generation Sunscreen project that has the potential to change the sunscreen industry and regulations for the better.

Dental Health Challenge

Every morning and every night we lean over a basin in our bathrooms, squeeze some gooey paste on to the bristles of a stick, and scrub it all over our teeth - or at least we are told to do this every morning and night.