Combining chemistry and Aboriginal art

Artist and scientist Stephanie Beaupark is combining her two passions for her PhD research.

New podcast series goes behind the scenes of research into Australia’s natural and cultural history

The seven-episode series includes interviews with seven CABAH researchers, a centre based at UOW.

The future of Port Kembla

An historical and geographical interdisciplinary project


International Day of Women and Girls in Science

As the 11th of February nears we take time to recognise and celebrate gender equality for the 7th International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Tackling gender inequality through a global pandemic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen the growing number of stories on the news in Australia about gender equality and the under-representation of women sitting in senior roles in businesses, politics, and STEM.

Career Advice for Women in Science

‘Diversify your skills and communicate what you do’. They were the key messages from a recent interview with Dame Bridget Ogilvie, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and a successful British Scientist who has split her time between the two countries for the last 14 years.

Communicating Science ABC-style

Geologist Dr Dominique Tanner, who is researching how precious metals are concentrated in undersea volcanoes, is back from a 2-week internship at the ABC studios as part of the Top 5 Scientists program for 2019. She was kind enough to share what she learnt from broadcasters like Robyn Williams, Norman Swan and Cassie McCullagh on communicating science to the public.

The Future Of Microbiology

“The Future Of…” series asks a variety of UOW experts and researchers the same questions, to provide insight into the potential future states of our lives, communities and world.

Soapbox Science Sydney features 12 of the best

Twelve of the best female researchers in Australia showcased their work to the public, including two UOW researchers: Dr Dom Tanner and Dr Yee Lian Chew, as part of the inaugural Soapbox Science Sydney event.