Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who do I contact for brand or marketing advice?

    Many divisions and Faculties have marketing and communications staff. These people should be your first port of call for marketing advice.

    If you don’t have a marketing and communications staff member in your area, or they are unable to help, you can contact the Strategic Marketing and Communications Division through the UOW Brand Inbox.

    There are also a lot of great resources available both in the UOW Brand Playbook and on the SMCU intranet.

  • What are the brand fonts and how do I get access to them?

    If you are looking to design an item internally, you can visit the UOW Intranet Designer and Office Kits page to download the Office Kit.

    Within this kit are templates which use the official UOW Fonts, Chronicle and Montserrat. Any professionally developed marketing communication in UOW’s voice must use these two fonts, or an approved variation where applicable.

  • Primary Typeface – Chronicle

    The classic serif typeface Chronicle is our trusted primary typeface. It brings a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic to headline or display copy, whilst also providing an editorial flavour to extended body copy text. Chronicle has been paired with the clean san serif typeface Montserrat (see below) to achieve a contemporary type palette.

    Chronicle is a licensed font. It is available to a limited number of UOW staff responsible for producing professional marketing communications for the University.

    For applications where it is not possible to use Chronicle, the preferred substitute is Times New Roman.

  • Secondary Typeface – Montserrat

    Our secondary typeface is Montserrat — a bold and contemporary sans serif. It is used for the UOW monogram and may be used for sub-headings and as an alternate display font.

    Montserrat is a freely available font installed on all UOW managed machines in Australia.

    For applications where it is not possible to use Chronicle, the preferred substitute is Verdana.

  • Where can I find UOW photos?

    UOW uses an online system call Mediavalet to manage our photography assets. You can view any approved imagery to use on the Mediavalet website by searching via the Search bar or through the allocated folders for the image you need.

    If you don’t have access to Mediavalet, UOW staff can request access here.

  • Can I take new photos?

    If you cannot find the image you need on the Mediavalet website, you can request new photography using one of the UOW preferred photographers, or take your own images referring to the imagery guidance in the Brand Playbook. Please note if you do take your own images, any talent featured in them will need to sign a Talent Release Form. It is your responsibility to ensure you keep a record of the talent release for the duration of the use of the photograph.

  • Who can have a business card?

    UOW staff can order UOW business cards through the UOW Printery. Please note that UOW business cards are for use by UOW staff only.

  • Can I use icons in my marketing material/website?

    Approved icons can be viewed on the Brand Playbook website. Your Faculty or Unit Marketing team should be your first point of contact for obtaining access to these icons.

    If they do not have the type of approved icon you are looking for, you can contact the UOW Brand Inbox to make your request.

  • When do I use the ‘Stand for purpose’ line?

    This information and more detail on written communications can be found in the Brand voice section of the UOW Brand Playbook.

Marketing assets


  • Which logo should I use?

    The Primary logo in Dark blue is the preferred logo to be used when colour reproduction is available and where space permits.

    The secondary logo should only be used when constrained by space and when space permits the secondary logo from being used the shorthand logos can be used.

  • Can I have a logo or a logo lockup for my unit/program/school/initiative/research group?

    Only an approved UOW entity, research centre or activity, may commission and use a mark and/or brand elements deliberately designed to differentiate it from the UOW Master Brand.

    As outlined in the Marketing, Media and Communications policy the development of a Sub Brand Mark will only be approved:

    a) where a member of the Senior Executive is satisfied that the functions or activities of the proposed area that the Sub Brand Mark would apply to is separate from those of UOW, or where the development of a Sub Brand Mark would substantially improve the capacity of the area of UOW to market its goods or services in a competitive market; and/or

    b) where UOW, through a member of the Senior Executive, has entered into a legal agreement involving the establishment of a distinct or separate entity and, by agreement of the parties, the development of a Sub Brand Mark is expressly approved in the agreement.

Approvals & Exceptions

External Parties

  • I’m working with an external marketing supplier (e.g. Designer), are there templates I can provide?

    All UOW Marketing contacts will need to provide any external designers with the UOW Designer Kit.

    The designer kit is available by request to staff and suppliers competent in using Adobe Creative Suite (note that template files are saved in the Creative Cloud [CC 2014] version.

    You can request the UOW Designer Kit here

  • External requestors

    External designers (non-UOW) who need the designer kit must request it via their UOW staff contact. If a UOW staff member has engaged an external designer, the responsibility is on the staff member to ensure both parties have signed a Consultancy Agreement. The UOW staff contact will be asked to provide a copy of their signed Consultancy Agreement before the kit is released to the designer. Note: external designers must not be given the font Chronicle, as this constitutes software copyright infringement (UOW is only licensed to use of the font on a limited number of UOW-owned/managed computers). External providers completing creative work for UOW will need to purchase the Chronicle font themselves and may need to factor this cost into their pricing. Montserrat is a freely available font and is installed on all UOW managed machines in Australia. For anyone else it can be accessed via Google Fonts.

  • Designer Kit Inclusions
    • UOW Brand Guidelines
    • Terms of Use/Read Me document
    • UOW Logos
    • UOW Publication cover styles
    • UOW Flyer & Poster templates
    • UOW eDM Headers and Footers
    • UOW Video Assets
  • Requests

    To request the Designer Kit, complete the form below and we will assess, and take next steps including response, font install, and record keeping. If you’re not a UOW staff member your UOW contact will need to request access to this kit on your behalf.

    Make a request for the UOW Designer kit.

  • We would like to sponsor a team/event, can we do that? Can we provide our logo?

    If you would like to sponsor one of our unique UOW events, you will need to first gain approval. Please send an email outlining your details and request to the UOW Brand Inbox. If you would like more information on sponsoring a UOW team or event, you can view the policy online.

    Use of the University name by a third party requires approval, which can be sought here.

  • I’m external to UOW, working with a UOW team. Who do I contact if I want to use the UOW logo?

    A representative from the UOW team you are working with will need to seek approval via the internal process. If you do not have a UOW contact please send an email outlining your details and request to the UOW Brand Inbox.

  • An organisation we are working with would like to use our logo. Can I send it to them?

    As outlined in the Use of University Name by Third Parties Policy you will need to gain approval from the Director SMCU and the Chief Operating Officer, which can be sought here.