Lecturer by weekdays and a rapper, as fate would have it

Meet the Indonesian rapper and UOW business grad, who’s committed to sharing important messages.

Following the threads

Weaving identity and connection through the arts

Effecting change for the greater good

Putting social enterprise on the national agenda

Force of gravity

The UOW graduate putting retired mineshafts to work for our green energy future

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Lessons from motherhood

Laureine Gabriel taught herself English when she moved from Lebanon to Australia, though it was learning how to write academically in English that she found more challenging upon commencing her studies in nursing at UOW Sutherland.

Nursing a passion for a healthy community

Graduating from UOW over 25 years ago, Jill Deering has since put her knowledge and experience into improving the health of the Sutherland Shire community for the better.

Redefining a career in nursing

Naomi and Anthony took their UOW degrees in very different directions. From educating and preventing HIV in community to a role in disaster education and response with the WHO, these are two careers that redefine nursing. 

Traversing career stereotypes

Throughout history, women and men have chosen careers that were either expected, inherited or simply all that were available to them. Choices were limited, particularly for women who were often guided into caring and nurturing roles such as nursing or teaching, while men were steered towards more physically taxing or technical endeavours.

The changing face of medicine

We hear from four medical researchers on the way COVID-19 has affected public health and the future of medicine.

Nursing on the front line

If you were stranded on a deserted island – or in a jungle, or a conflict zone, or in the middle of an earthquake – what would you take? You’d take Russell Banks, if you wanted to survive. The no-fear nurse has saved countless lives in all kinds of remote locations and precarious situations – and has ample tales to tell from his many adventures.