Redefining a career in nursing

On International Nurses Day, meet the nurses who aren't working in hospitals

UOW graduates living large in New York’s finance bullseye

Career paths that led to the top

Chasing calm

Chelsea Pottenger had a dream to change one life, now she is changing thousands

Why this UOW graduate quit his dream job

Dane Sharp left a job most people would dream of having. Here is what happened next.

Transforming how families raise financially fit Aussie kids

Dr Alex Badran is making digital financial literacy accessible.

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Not so black and white

Checking the (physical) mailbox is not something I think too much about. If there’s anything in there, it’s usually a reminder to pay an outrageously expensive fine from the time I didn’t ‘tap on’ the train, or another Time magazine renewal offer (with a free tote bag), or sometimes a note from that one travelling friend that thinks postcards quaint.

The ones to follow

The talent, creativity and impact of UOW alumni and academics reach far and wide. These are just a few we like to follow. This is the world from their perspective.

Blazing a trail

Women are still the exception in the upper echelons of management and power despite decades spent trying to smash the glass ceiling. Keeli Cambourne reflects on her experiences and spoke to those leading the way on workplace gender equality.

Garnering Googlers

UOW alumnus Sunil Chandra leads the team that not only hires and assesses the best candidates to work at the ultimate tech-heads’ dream job, but supports them once they’re on board.

Storyteller at heart

As a high school student, Kumi Taguchi developed a love for documentaries and stories from around the world: a passion that’s evident in her work as a senior anchor on ABC News 24.

Communicating passions

Communicating the vision of multinational corporations is a speciality of Luke Fredberg. He discusses with UOW Outlook Magazine his current focus – CBS Corporation and the Golden Age of Television.