UOW welcomes new leadership team

A new Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor take the helm

The changing face of medicine

The effect of a global pandemic on public health

Communicating in a crisis

Putting life and balance on the line


In pursuit of excellence

The UOW Alumni Awards shine a light on inspiring alumni working to make a sustained difference in the world. Meet the 2019 recipients, bringing their passion and expertise to advance research, innovation and education, reshape industries and save lives – now and into the future.

Philosophical adventures in time and space

An education in the liberal arts, unlike that of a purely technical or scientific kind, seeks to produce graduates who are capable of reflective understanding – graduates who can stand back and imaginatively evaluate what is required to think well about topics of foundational importance in our lives.

Space without borders

Meet Usman Iftikhar, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur on a mission to democratise space to drive sustainable development.

The Year at UOW

Closer partnerships with communities, research to solve real-world challenges, and transformative student experiences. 2019 has been a year of impact, with the University of Wollongong striving to meet its strategic goal of transforming people and the world we live in.

Window of opportunity in Illawarra Flame House

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a whole house through customs, Lloyd Niccol is your man.

Mem Fox on mice, migrants and the magic of reading aloud

At the time, a young, unpublished Mem Fox was sending her first manuscript out to publishing houses, hoping to add Hush the Invisible Mouse to the landscape.