The leap of faith across oceans that paid off

Finding purpose in conflict and sorrow

Seeking safety, finding belonging

A refugee’s journey to Wollongong

Creating change

Mark Dombkins and Andrew Wade are creating change that matters. Here’s how.

The heart of social justice

Rising up for a better tomorrow

Outlook Magazine is the University of Wollongong’s flagship publication for alumni featuring stories about and by our incredible graduates from around the world.


Living the luxe life

Luxury brands have a way of making a sophisticated lifestyle look effortless. Jessica Sparks spoke to three UOW alumni working for luxury brands and discovered it’s not all jet planes, islands and tigers on a gold leash.

Susan Zhang holds up a torch

Susan Zhang describes her role as holding up a torch to all the scary and exciting possibilities the future holds.

Telling the forgotten stories

Stephen Dupont’s chosen direction in life has seen him narrowly dodge bullets in war-torn countries in a bid to cover the forgotten stories.

The art of influence

Though it is easy to see branding as being about logos, typefaces and taglines, in reality these elements are part of a much bigger picture.

Not so black and white

Checking the (physical) mailbox is not something I think too much about. If there’s anything in there, it’s usually a reminder to pay an outrageously expensive fine from the time I didn’t ‘tap on’ the train, or another Time magazine renewal offer (with a free tote bag), or sometimes a note from that one travelling friend that thinks postcards quaint.

Quantum computing

There is much excitement about the global race to develop a quantum computer. But only recently has the warning been sounded that a more important race must be run first – one to prevent this new technology from crippling current cybersecurity methods, which could expose vaults of data to snoops and hackers.