Start Smart


Make a good start to finding information resources at the University of Wollongong Library

StartSmart – essential academic information skills

  • StartSmart introduces you to the UOW academic environment.
  • To pass StartSmart, work through each section and get 100% in all 3 quizzes.
  • StartSmart is compulsory for new undergraduates (also recommended for postgraduates). You must complete it by the end of session to receive your results.
  • We recommend you complete StartSmart within your first 3 weeks of study, but you can visit it at any time.

Do StartSmart

Log into Moodle with your UOW username and password and use the Library menu in the top navigation bar to find StartSmart. If it is your first time visiting the site, click “Enrol me” to begin.

Note: for students who have already started the StartSmart quiz and want to complete it before 4pm Tuesday December 23rd, please log in to Moodle and choose StartSmart from your list of subjects rather than using the navigation bar.


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