Counselling Services

Our aim is to assist you to manage your lifestyle and academic progress and to help you improve your confidence in navigating the challenges that can arise at university.

Our main service is free and confidential individual counselling, available 5 days a week to assist you with personal, study or work related difficulties. Counselling is a way of addressing and resolving issues. It can involve identifying options and choosing between them, learning new skills to cope better with problems, gaining greater understanding of what is occurring, or being supported while recovering from some significant life event.

As part of the University's Employee Assistance Program we also offer support to UOW staff, however, an additional external provider is also available.

Booking for Counselling

To book an appointment from 9am to 5pm either visit Level 3, Building 11 at the UOW main campus or phone

02 4221 3445.


In case of an emergency, contact one of the services listed here.