Graduation & Beyond

Official documentation

Students graduating in Autumn 2016 will receive their official documentation via post by September 2, 2016. If you have not received your documents by the end of September, please contact Student Central

November 2016 Graduation Ceremonies - Composition of  Ceremonies

November's ceremonies will be students graduating from the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, The Faculty of Social Sciences and the The Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. Here is a list of which degrees will be presented at each ceremony:


Students will be contacted via SOLS and text message regarding their ceremony allocation and graduation fee. 

Changing your attendance in SOLS

Once you know your ceremony, you can change your status to attending or not attending Graduation in SOLS. Here is how, step by step.
1. Go into SOLS
2. Click on Graduation, then Graduation Application
3. Click on the box Review
4. Click on the box Change Attendance
5. In Part A, click on the box relevant to you (I wish to attend / or I do not wish to attend
6. Click continue

Students have up until October 9 to change their attending or not attending status. After this date, you will be charged the graduation fee of $125.


Graduation Fee (November ceremonies only)

Your graduation fee of $125 is payable from October 14. See the Fees page to view the range of options of how you can pay your graduation fee. You should also see the charge in the Fee Statement in SOLS.

Changes to graduation

There are some changes to graduation for students finishing their degree from November 2015 onwards.