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Student Services and Amenities Fee 

SAF Funding 2015 priorities survey results:

This year’s survey opened on the 12th May and was available to all onshore students for 7 weeks. The survey enables students to rank the legislated spending categories in order of priority. The table below shows students priorities in rank order.

SAF Priority Listing

The Student Representative Forum have reviewed the survey results, existing SAF funded projects, submissions requesting funding for new projects and have formed recommendations for 2015 funding allocation. The recommendations are currently being considered by the University. Information regarding approved 2015 projects will be communicated to students by the end of the year. If you have an enquiry about SAF or any of the SAF funded projects please email the Senior Manager SAF and Student Projects


SAF revenue is allocated to 5 Strategic Program Areas that align with UOW strategic priorities, UOW SAF Spending Priorities and student priorities. The Strategic Program Areas are:


  • Careers, Employability and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Developing Study Skills
  • Student Engagement and Campus Life
  • Student Space Development

Additionally revenue is allocated to Regional Campuses reflecting that collected at the campuses and aligned with the above Strategic Program Areas.

SAF Funded Projects 2014
Strategic Program Area: Careers, Employability and Entrepreneurship
  • Employability, Careers and Entrepreneurship
  • Regional Campus Careers consultants
  • iAccelerate Pitch Event
Strategic Program Area: Health and Wellbeing
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Accreditation of non-UOW accommodation
  • Disability Liaison Support at Shoalhaven Campus and Batemans Bay Campus
  • Enhanced Airport Pick Up Service
  • Safezone App
  • Subsidised Gold Pass Gym Membership
  • Additional Sport and Recreation Funding*
  • Accommodation support at Sydney Campus
  • Free legal advice
  • Beverage services at Regional Campuses (not including Shoalhaven)
  • Free financial counselling
  • Provision of Kitch n’ Go units 
Strategic Program Area: Developing Study Skills
  • Student Media Hub (scoping project)
  • Co-curricular Recognition
  • Critical Digital Literacies ‘Manage Use Create’ 
Strategic Program area: Student Engagement and campus life
  • Global Communicators Program
  • Front reception resource for WUSA and WUPA
  • Faculty based clubs and societies
  • Regional Campuses Social Club/Activities
  • Innovation Campus Social Club
  • Postgraduate/Mature Age Orientation
  • Clubs and Societies Membership and Events Software System
  • Mobile App development ‘MyUOW’
  • Development of Clubs and Societies Executive Program 
Strategic Program Area: Strategic Student Space Development
  • Informal Learning Spaces
  • Investing in Regional Campuses Project*

*Projects in bold denote new project.

Regional Campuses

Student Services and Amenities fees collected from students studying at regional campuses will fund projects to directly benefit these students.

Regional campus SAF projects completed since SAF commenced:

SAF Funding Allocation 

About the Student Services and Amenities Fee:

The Student Services and Amenities Bill 2011 was passed by the Federal Government in October 2011 to allow higher education providers to charge an annual compulsory student services and amenities fee (SAF). The 2014 SAF fee is $281 per student. The fee is indexed annually.

How the fee is charged 

Federal government legislation determines what UOW can spend your fee on:

a) providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider;
b) supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students;
c) supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students;
d) caring for children of students;
e) providing legal services to students;
f) promoting the health or welfare of students;
g) helping students secure accommodation;
h) helping students obtain employment or advice on careers;
i) helping students with their financial affairs;
j) helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents;
k) supporting debating by students;
l) providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students;
m) supporting an artistic activity by students;
n) supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students;
o) helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled;
p) advising on matters arising under the higher education provider's rules (however described);
q) advocating students' interests in matters arising under the higher education provider's rules (however described);
r) giving students information to help them in their orientation;
s) helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment.


UOW has developed spending priorities based on student feedback and surveys. These priorities are:

  • SAF Fees will be spent on infrastructure, capital or other projects of a one-off nature that deliver ongoing service improvement benefits to students
  • The University believes that funds raised from students at non-Wollongong locations should be re-invested at non-Wollongong locations 

The Student Services and Amenities Fee is charged biannually to students to fund services and facilities which benefit students.

Last reviewed: 1 October, 2014
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