Scheduled Maintenance

IT Scheduled Maintenance

The goal of Scheduled Maintenance is to maintain central IT facilities on a regular basis while minimising interruption to normal business functions, and also considering vital operations in the University calendar such as enrolments, teaching, examinations and graduation.

These dates have been discussed with all relevant parties.

Approved 2016 dates

Start Date and Time
Finish Date and Time


Sat 9th Jan 5pm

Sun 10th Jan 10amT&L Services Available

Sat 23rd Jan 6pm

Sun 24th Jan 8am 


Sat 13th Feb 5pm

Sun 14th Feb 10amT&L Services Available

Sat 20th Feb 5pm

Sun 21st Feb 10am 

22nd February

13th MarchCHANGE FREEZE - Start of Session (UOW Autumn, UOWC)


Sat 19th March 6pm

Sun 20th March 8am

March 2016 Scheduled Maintenance

(T&L Services will be available until midnight)


Sat 2nd Apr 6pm

Sun 3rd Apr 8am

April 2016 Scheduled Maintenance

23rd April

29th AprilCHANGE FREEZE - Graduation (UOW), Exams (SBS)


Sat 14th May 6pm

Sun 15th May 8am

May 2016 Scheduled Maintenance

16th May

22nd MayCHANGE FREEZE - Start of Session (SBS), Exams (UOWD)

28th May

3rd JuneCHANGE FREEZE - Exams (GSM)


11th June

24th JuneCHANGE FREEZE - Exams (UOW Autumn, GSM)

Sat 25th June 6pm

Sun 26th June 9am

June 2016 Scheduled Maintenance


2nd July

8th JulyCHANGE FREEZE - Start of Session (GSM)

Sat 16th July 6pm

Sun 17th July 8am

July Scheduled Maintenance - DR Exercise 1

18th July

5th AugustCHANGE FREEZE - Start of Session (UOW Spring, GSM), Exams (SBS, UOWD)


Sat 20th August 6pm

Sun 21st August 8am

August 2016 Scheduled Maintenance

22nd August

26th AugustCHANGE FREEZE - Start of Session (SBS)


Sat 3rd September 6pm

Sun 4th September 8am

September 2016 Scheduled Maintenance


Sat 1st October 6pm

Sun 2nd October 8am

October (1st) 2016 Scheduled Maintenance

Sat 8th October 6pm

Sun 9th October 8am

October (2nd) 2016 Scheduled Maintenance

29th October

18th NovemberCHANGE FREEZE - Graduation (UOW), Exams


26th November

2nd DecemberCHANGE FREEZE - Start of Session (UOW Summer, SBS)


Sat 3rd December 12pm

Sunday 4th December 8amDecember Scheduled Maintenance

Sat 10th December 6pm

Sun 11th December 8am

December Scheduled Maintenance - DR Exercise 2

12th December

16th DecemberCHANGE FREEZE - Graduation (UOW)

JAN-FEB 2017

Sat 21st January 2017 6pm

Sun 22nd January 2017 8am

January 2017 Scheduled Maintenance - TBC

4th February

10th FebruaryCHANGE FREEZE - Exams (UOW Summer)

Sat 11th Feb 2017 6pm

Sun 12th Feb 2017 8am

February 2017 Scheduled Maintenance - TBC


  • Security Patching - Every Thursday from 5am-7am Security Patching of core infrastructure will be conducted. There may be short outages to systems during this window.
  • Maintenance Window - A maintenance window is a period of time allocated for system maintenance. During these windows, all services may experience intermittent interruptions. Whilst maintenance windows generally begin at 6pm, operational business requirements after this time will be taken into consideration. (e.g.Library Services)
  • Change Freeze” means changes to student-focussed systems will be avoided, to minimise risk during peak periods (i.e. enrolments, orientation and 1st week of session).
  • T&L Services available” means that student-focussed, teaching & learning systems and core IT services in teaching & learning locations will not be impacted by any IT maintenance.
  • We would appreciate any feedback about other areas where critical activities have a dependency on IT services.

For more information on these scheduled maintenance activities, contact IMTS on ext 3775.


Last reviewed: 23 June, 2016