Scheduled Maintenance

IT Scheduled Maintenance

The goal of Scheduled Maintenance is to maintain central IT facilities on a regular basis while minimising interruption to normal business functions, and also considering vital operations in the University calendar such as enrolments, teaching, examinations and graduation.

These dates have been discussed with the IT Forum members and have been considered by Deans and Directors. Adjustments were made based on feedback from numerous faculty and admin unit members.

Start Date and Time
Finish Date and Time
Services Available

May 2015

Sat 30th May 7pm Sun 31st May 10am  

June 2015

Sat 6th Jun 5pm Sun 7th Jun 10am T&L Services Available, BEIMS DR Exercise

July 2015

Sat 4th July 6am Sat 4th July 6pm SMP Suite Available
Sat 11th July 6pm Sun 12th July 10am Full Datacentre Shutdown – All services may be unavailable during urgent infrastructure maintenance
Sat 18th July 5pm Sun 19th July 10am T&L Services Available

August 2015

Sat 22nd Aug 6pm Sun 23rd Aug 10am  
Sat 29th Aug 5pm Sun 30th Aug 10am T&L Services Available

September 2015

Sat 12th Sep 6pm Sun 13th Sep 10am  
Sat 19th Sep 5pm Sun 20th Sep 10am T&L Services Available

October 2015

Sat 3rd Oct 6pm Sun 4th Oct 9am Full outage for Border and Data centre Firewalls and operational maintenance.
Sat 17th Oct 6pm Sun 18th Oct 10am Full weekend outage for Alesco/Web Kiosk upgrade. No other systems affected.
Sat 24th Oct midnight Sun 25th Oct 9am Full outage for Internet services upgrade.
Sat 31st Oct 6pm Sun 1st Nov 10am  

November 2015

Sat 21st Nov 5pm Sun 22nd Nov 10am T&L Services Available

December 2015

Sat 12th Dec 6pm  Sun 13th Dec 10am  
Sat 19th Dec 6am Sat 20th Dec 6pm DR Exercise 2 - Full DR Exercise

January 2016

Sat 9th Jan 5pm Sun 10th Jan 10am T&L Services Available
Sat 23rd Jan 6am Sat 23rd Jan 6pm  

February 2016

Sat 13th Feb 5pm Sun 14th Feb  10am T&L Services Available
Sat 20th Feb 5pm Sun 21st Feb 10am  


  • Change Freeze” means changes to student-focussed systems will be avoided, to minimise risk at start of Autumn & Spring sessions (ie. enrolments, orientation and 1st week of session.)
  • T&L Services available” means that student-focussed, teaching & learning systems and core IT services in teaching & learning locations will not be impacted by any IT maintenance.
  • We would appreciate any feedback about other areas where critical activities have a dependency on IT services.  An area identified in 2013 was the entertainment activities in UniCentre (UniBar, UniHall) requiring POS facilities.  We are aware of international dependencies, especially UOWD being six or seven hours behind Wollongong time.

For more information on these scheduled maintenance activities, contact IMTS on ext 3775.

Past Dates

Start Date and Time
Finish Date and Time
Services Available

January 2015

Sat 10th Jan 5pm Sun 11th Jan 10am T&L Services Available
Sat 24th Jan 6am Sat 24th Jan 6pm  
Sat 31st Jan 5pm Sun 1st Feb 10am T&L Services Available

February 2015

Sat 14th Feb 5pm Sun 15th Feb 10am T&L Services Available
Sat 21st Feb 5pm Sun 22nd Feb 10am  

March 2015

Sat 14th Mar 5pm

Sun 15th Mar 10am

T&L Services Available
Sat 21st Mar 6pm Sun 22nd Mar 10am  

April 2015

Sat 11th April 6pm Sun 12th April 10am  All application services may be unavailable for a short period of time on Saturday evening for security patching. There will also be some major works on the secondary data centre located at the Innovation Campus that will affect network availability in a number of buildings on the innovation campus as well as the Dubai Link on Saturday evening.


The impacted buildings have been identified as:

  • b200 - Science Centre
  • b232 - Mike Codd
  • b234 - Enterprise 1
  • b235 - AIIM PD
  • b237 - SBRC
Sat 18th April 5pm Sun 19th April 10am T&L Services Available

May 2015

Sat 9th May 6pm Sun 10 May 10am  


Last reviewed: 21 October, 2015