Keiraview is located on the fringe of Wollongong CBD and is walking distance to shops, the beach and some of the best cafes and restaurants in Wollongong. It is a 40 minute walk to campus and is well serviced by public transport and a regular shuttle bus runs from the university in the evenings.

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Culture and Style of Keiraview

Keiraview is home to 46 students from all over the world and Australia, representing a multicultural community that is close knit and supportive.  It is an ideal choice for 2nd year and older students, in addition to postgraduate students who are looking for a level of independence while also benefitting from the excellent support provided. Regular activities are held for students including pizza nights, short trips to nearby attractions, BBQs and many casual social events. Students are able to enjoy the combined residence events and benefit from the ongoing development, academic and social programs available.

Keiraview also operates as motel and backpacker accommodation and is a member of YHA. Students’ rooms are located in a separate section to the motel and backpacker rooms and this area is not accessible to other guests.

Keiraview is for individual students only and does not accommodate families and children. Family accommodation is available at Graduate House or contact the Housing Officer for more options. 


Last reviewed: 5 August, 2014