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Gundi is a seven apartment complex situated in North Wollongong, a short stroll from the beautiful Wollongong boat harbour, continental swimming pool, City and beaches.It is a 40 minute walk from the University, with a shuttle bus servicing the University in the evenings and full parking available on site.A community of 34 post-graduate students, Gundi offers a friendly living environment with all the amenities needed to support a successful postgraduate year and a fun, independent lifestyle. 

Culture and Style of Gundi

Residents who come to Gundi can expect to have an optimal UOW experience with the comfort of a safe, supportive and friendly living environment. Walking or biking is an ideal way to access and enjoy the city of Wollongong, as Gundi is in close proximity to the Belmore Basin and surrounding beaches, as well as the Crown Street shopping area, cafes, and entertainment facilities. Mixing with mature residents from many nations encourages a social and cultural atmosphere that also fosters an environment of academic support.

Throughout the year there are a number of events occurring at Gundi in addition to the inter-residence activities, from which students are free to choose and participate in. Gundi also welcomes its residents to organise and contribute to the cultural life of the community.

Students may hold residence at Gundi for all 52 weeks of the year subject to application approval.

Gundi is for individual students only and does not accommodate families and children. Family accommodation is available at Graduate House or contact the Housing Officer for more options. 


Last reviewed: 8 May, 2014