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Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies - Bachelor of Arts

By combining the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies with another degree, students will broaden their employment prospects into the growing areas of media and communication. In the BCM, students can take a major in journalism, advertising and marketing or screen and media studies and still take elective subjects in the other areas. The core of the BCM deals with contemporary issues in politics, communication studies and media, giving students a broad grounding in which to situate their major study. For the Arts degree, the BCM adds employment focus, with identifiable career options in journalism, advertising and marketing. The journalism major in the BCM combines well with the humanities areas in the Arts degree. It provides an avenue for Arts students to extend their writing skills in an area directly tied to an employment destination.

Course Requirements

To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies/Bachelor of Arts a candidate must:

  • complete all the compulsory (core) subjects in the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies and the required subjects of one of the major studies in that degree;
  • complete one major study offered by a member unit of the Faculty of Arts (including Aboriginal Studies) or a major in Psychology or Population Health*;
  • complete not more than 90 credit points at 100-level;
  • where necessary, undertake elective subjects from the Course Structures of the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies or the General Schedule to ensure that at least 216 credit points have been completed.

Please note: Because of an overlap of core subjects, students in this degree cannot take Communication subjects as a major in the Arts component of the double degree.

* Students majoring in Psychology or Population Health in Arts double degree programs will complete the subjects prescribed for the those majors in the course structures of Bachelor of Arts offered by the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (single degree course code 708).


Assessment in this course varies between subjects and programs, but typically includes a combination of essays, tutorial/seminar presentations and in-class tests and/or exams. Some subjects may have an additional practical component. The assessment requirements of each subject are set out in the individual subject outlines which students receive in the first week of session.

Major Study

Students must take one major from each degree program. If a student wishes to take more than one major from a degree program, s/he should see an academic adviser in the Faculty of Arts.

Majors in the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies available in 2005: For details of the major studies please refer to the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (single degree entry). Majors are available in: Advertising and Marketing, Journalism, and Screen Studies.

Majors in the Bachelor of Arts: All Arts majors and their requirements are listed under the Bachelor of Arts entry.

Students enrolled in the double degree program should consult the ad academic adviser in the Faculty of Arts about their choice of major studies.

Minor Study

Students may also take a minor study listed in the Course Structures of the Bachelor of Arts (Course code702), with the exception of the minor in Communication Studies.


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