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Bachelor of Arts

A Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the traditional and most popular university degrees, though it has changed in shape and content through the years and from country to country. The BA today is made up of subjects with origins in the humanities — history, literature, languages and philosophy. During the nineteenth century the disciplines we now know as the social sciences developed - economics, sociology, politics, psychology, psychology, anthropology and geography. While Universities organise themselves in a variety of ways, these and related disciplines are generally included in an Arts degree, even if they are not located in an Arts Faculty.

The Australian pattern of study for a BA has been focused on a sequence of subjects that forms a 'major' in a wider pattern of subjects that provide a broader knowledge of humanities and social sciences. The major can take many forms, with the unity and coherence of the degree constructed in one of two ways. The study of a discipline can form the basis of the sequence of studies, giving students a developing set of skills in 'doing' the discipline while they acquire a set of conceptual frameworks and a body of knowledge interpreted using those frameworks. That is, within the study of 'history', students learn how to research and write history as well as how to read what historians have thought about the past. An area of interdisciplinary studies can also form the focus of a degree. Australian Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies, Gender Studies and Communication Studies are examples of study areas offered at the University of Wollongong. Students learn skills from several disciplines while working on a particular theme or area, for example, history and literature of a region or sociological, political and textual approaches to film.

Advanced Standing

Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements is available at www.uow.edu.au/handbook/generalcourserules/UOW028672.html/

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

NSW HSC entry through UAC:
Students apply through UAC and satisfy the UAI requirement for the year of application. Assumed knowledge: any two units of English.

Other secondary qualifications:
Students with secondary qualifications outside NSW will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Tertiary Qualifications
Applications will be considered from students with the following tertiary qualifications:

  • A completed two-year Diploma or Advanced Diploma from TAFE or another accredited institution;
  • Not less that one-sixth of a Bachelor degree from an approved University;
  • Other tertiary courses approved by the University of Wollongong.

Overseas qualifications
Students with tertiary qualifications obtained overseas will be considered provided that they satisfy University's minimum admission requirements.

Alternative Entry (Domestic applicants)
STAT test
Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander alternative entry program

Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts is made up of 144 credit points of subjects listed in the course structures for the Faculty of Arts and the General Schedule. In their first two semesters of study, students must undertake at least 12 credit points in subjects taught by member units of the Faculty of Arts. No more than 60 credit points of 100-level subjects may be counted in the degree. Students should refer to the Award Rules for the Bachelor of Arts for further details.

Students must complete one major study taught by the Faculty of Arts but may undertake two major studies within the normal requirements of the degree. Minor studies are also available in most areas covered by the Majors. Completed major studies are noted on the student's testamur, awarded at Graduation.

The degree does not have subjects compulsory for all students, but many individual majors may have compulsory subjects.


Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts within the Faculty of Arts must take one of these majors:

*available at the Shoalhaven Campus and the Bega, Batemans Bay and Moss Vale access centres only. For details see the Bachelor of Arts (Community and Environment).

Minor Studies

Students enroled in the Bachelor of Arts within the Faculty of Arts may choose from the following minors:

Internship and International Subjects
(See subject descriptions for more information)

  • ARTS201 Introduction to Australia for International Students
  • ARTS202 International Studies
  • ARTS301 Arts Internship
  • POL301 Politics Internship (for students taking the Australian National Internship Program or Washington Internship)

Major Study areas offered by other Faculties

The following major study areas are offered by other faculties and may be taken as second majors only:


Assessment in this course varies between subjects and programs, but typically can include a combination of essays, tutorial/seminar presentations, WebCT exercises and in some subjects, in-class tests and/or exams. Some subjects may have an additional practical component. The assessment requirements of each subject are set out in the individual subject outlines which students receive in the first week of session.


See separate entry for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours).


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