Getting to UOW

At UOW we're focused on making your commute to campus easy, safe and environmentally friendly. 

Here you will find information about the free UOW shuttle buses, the NSW Government free Gong Shuttle, cycling and walking, carpooling and parking, paid bus services and the train.  It's easier than you think to travel sustainably to campus! 

Latest News

Improvements to the UOW Shuttle App for iPhone

Have you got the latest UOW Shuttle App? There is an update available from the App Store. Some users of the iPhone version of the app have been experiencing issues where the timetable data has not been updating correctly. An update to the app is now available from the App Store which overcomes this problem. If you have continued issues or other feedback about the app please contact IMTS or

New shuttle bus pocket timetable available

A new shuttle pocket timetable is available for download featuring the new GK Shuttle timetable.  Copies will soon be available at help desks across campus, or upon request from

A reminder that the GK and NG Shuttle drivers will only be stopping at stops identified on the route map.  Some passengers have been asking the bus driver to let them off at stops not timetabled as part of the route, which causes delays and can impact on the bus running to time.  

New UOW shuttle bus fleet 

The free UOW shuttle buses began operating to full timetables on Monday 22 February with a new look, new buses and a new hybrid bus!  

The North Gong (NG) Shuttle Bus runs between the Wollongong Campus and North Wollongong train station.  The timetable has been improved for 2016, and the new hybrid bus is a great addition to the fleet.  Two of the three buses operating this route are low floor wheelchair accessible buses.  

The Gwynneville Keiraville (GK) Shuttle Bus operates around Wollongong.  There are two buses operating in anticlockwise (GK-a) and clockwise (GK-c) loops on an improved route, travelling close to most accommodation campuses.  The GK-c service departs from Stand E of the bus interchange on Northfields Ave, and the GK-a service departs from the stop opposite the bus interchange (Stand F). Both buses are low floor wheelchair accessible.

Note that all UOW buses are now navy blue, so please ensure you read the destination displays to ensure you catch the right bus.  All of these bus services are free for UOW students, staff and visitors to the campus.  Download a copy of the shuttle pocket guide or access guide for more details on the routes and buses available. 

New rules for cyclists and drivers in NSW

The NSW Government will introduce new rules for cyclists and drivers from 1 March 2016.  Drivers must give bicycle riders at least a metre of space when passing, and cyclists are also encouraged to give pedestrians at least a metre of space on shared paths where possible for safety.  Some of the other changes include increased penalties for cyclists who behave dangerously and break the law while riding.  Cyclists over the age of 18 must also now carry a photo ID (either driver's licence or NSW Photo Card).  Find out more about the new rules from the Centre for Road Safety and be prepared for 1 March. 

Time to get your Opal Card

Transport for NSW retired most paper tickets as of 1 January 2016.  If you are eligible for a concession Opal card, find out more about how to apply for your card from Student Central.  If you want to know more about applying for any other type of Opal Card, visit Transport for NSW.  There are also videos and tips on how to top up and use your Opal card.