Getting to UOW

New Shuttle APP

for iPhone and Android

Want to know how long til the next shuttle bus? Checkout the new "UOW Shuttle" iPhone app or Android app now provided by ITS, Gives you the times for the next 55, NG or GK shuttle going your way. You can also track the location of the North Gong  or GK Shuttles on the dynamic map.


New Parking App

Android and iPhone users can now access a new "UOW Parking" app that lists available spaces for ticket, permit or carpool to help find that elusive parking spot.
Note - we strongly encourage you to car pool if you are bringing a car to campus for many reasons, but also so you have a passenger and are not tempted to use your phone while driving.

New Walking & Cycling path for Paulsgrove Ave.

Wollongong City Council has recently completed a new section of shared path along Paulsgrove Ave, linking the path heading south from Unicentre across Northfields all the way to Murphies Ave. 

Plans are also underway to extend the cycling and walking link along John St to Keiraville and through Nyrang Park to areas south.


It's easy to share the driving

Share a car, help others, save on your pocket and reduce your impact on the environment. We have FREE car pool parking in P4 for those who travel with 3 or more in their car.  Register online for free at Jayride to connect with others coming your way.