Information for Students

Information for Students

Learning Development offers a range of free resources, classes and consultations to all enrolled students seeking to improve their academic performance. Explore the following links to our materials and program information.

Study, Write, Present - seminar series, consultations & resources

The seminar series explains academic expectations and advises students in relation to studying, writing and speaking in the University context. Topics covered include effective study strategies, efficient reading strategies, analysing the assignment question, essay and report writing, using evidence and referencing.

These seminars are held in the University Library, Wollongong campus, Seminar Room 1. Follow the links below for more information and registration.


If you are an undergraduate coursework student looking for individual advice on your assignment writing, take the time to talk to a Peer Academic Coach. Peer Academic Coaches can be found in the Learning CoOp, in the Library's South Wing Peer Supported Study Area (Level 1, Building 17). They can point you in the right direction, and help you make an appointment to see an Academic Language and Learning lecturer. 



  • Visit this site to browse resources, reply to posts or ask questions anytime about developing your academic language and learning potential. If you read the blog, it's a good idea to 'follow' it, so you get regular updates and the site can become more interactive. 

  • Handouts
    Explore the range of files on academic study matters, such as time management, note-taking, writing, avoiding plagiarism, preparing for exams etc. The documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) format, for you to browse through, download onto your computer or print out from this site. For guidance on avoiding plagiarism, please click here.
  • UniLearning
    This is a website with a wealth of information and interactive activities to help you think about, practice and develop your academic study and writing skills, such as note-taking, critical thinking, essay and report writing, punctuation and grammar.


THESIS WRiting seminar series and consultations for research students

Postgraduate research students are encouraged to attend the Thesis Writing Seminars. This series covers a range of topics, including how to write a proposal, how to write a literature review, and how to organise chapters. Follow the link below for more information and registration.




  • You can self enrol in the Statistical Modules

    The Statistical Literacy Introductory Program (SLIP) is an online program that has been designed to assist in developing statistical skills.

    Statistical literacy is an extremely important skill to develop because in everyday life you are constantly exposed to information from surveys and scientific experiments which are designed to tell you something about the society we live in. But, how do you know that these findings are accurate? How do you make sense of the information with which you are presented? Statistical literacy provides us with the skills to answer these questions.

    A publicly available version of the Statistical Literacy modules is available here.

    • Module 1 is Producing Data
    • Module 2 is Describing, Clarifying and Presenting Data and
    • Module 3 is Interpreting Data
  • Maths Resources
    Brush up on your basic mathematic skills with topics including arithmetic, algebra, logarithms, and volume of shapes. All resources have worked examples and there are exercises together with worked solutions for you to practise with.

For maths consultations, email or call 42213977.

LD is located in Bulding 11, level 3. (access via the lift opposite the Unishop).



Please feel free to email us comments on any of the resources and teaching services we offer.

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