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Exchange Short Courses Internships
Courses taught in English Language proficiency required


NOTE: Students submit one application for either the USA/Canada/Asia/UAE region deadline OR the Europe/UK/Latin America region deadline. Students cannot combine preferences from the two different regions.

Asia, Dubai, USA*, Canada** - CLOSED

Europe, UK*, Mexico, Brazil - 7th August, 2015 

EARLY APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF ICELAND: Students must apply by 1st August to be considered.

*Limited places at all UK universities, University of Miami, University of Colorado, University of Massachusetts and University of Connecticut. The University of Bath and the University of California System are closed from 2015.

**Alberta, UBC, Concordia, McMaster, Victoria and Toronto have 1 deadline per year.  Students wishing to study in either Spring 2015 or Autumn 2016 needed to apply by the Spring 2015 deadline.

NOTE:  ALL applicants must submit 3 preference universities