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University of Calgary

Quick Facts

Country: Canada
Location: Calgary, Alberta
City Population: 991,759
Students Enrolled: 28,000+
Length of Study: 1 or 2 semesters
Language: English
Level: Undergraduate

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Business students are only able to take the following subjects within the Haskayne School of Business (please note: any study plan is subject to UOW and host university faculty approval):

 Accounting (ACCT) 301 Business & Environment (BSEN) 401
 Business & Environment (BSEN) 395 Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ENTI) 201
 Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ENTI) 381 Finance (FNCE) 341
 Finance (FNCE) 343

 Human Resources & Organizational Dynamics (HROD) 321

 Management Information Systems (MGIS) 321 Marketing (MKTG) 341
 Operations Management (OPMA) 301 Tourism (TOUR) 409

To study Law at the University of Calgary, students must have taken 15-18 Law subjects at UOW prior to their exchange.

Last reviewed: 18 December, 2014


  • USA/ASIA/Canada Autumn 2017 First Pre Departure: Tues 26th July 6pm - 8:30pm 24.G01
  • Welcome Back Autumn 2016: Wed 3rd August 2:30pm - 4pm 20.3
  • Information Session Northern Arizona University: Mon 8th August 12:30-1:30 Exchange Library Student Central
  • Europe/UK/Latin America Autumn 2017 First Pre Departure: Tues 23rd August 6pm - 8:30pm Venue TBA
  • Autumn 2017 Final Pre Departure: Thurs 2nd November 1pm - 4pm

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