Course Handbook

Course Handbook Information

This page will help students find relevant subjects to meet the requirements of particular courses, majors, and/or minors. 

Which handbook do I follow?

Courses can change in structure and requirements year to year. Students should follow the rules and requirements for the year that they commenced their course.

Course, subject codes and names can change over time. If in doubt, contact your course coordinator or Head of Students.

2016 Undergraduate Courses

For undergraduate courses commenced in 2016.

2016 Postgraduate Courses

For postgraduate courses commenced in 2016.

Subject Database

For subject availabilities, descriptions and requirements in the current year. 

Archived Handbooks

Information on courses requirements for students who commenced prior to 2016. 

Schedule of Minors

Minors available for undergraduate degrees.

General Electives

Information on subjects from the general schedule? 

General Course Rules

Understand the policy rules which govern your course and enrolment.

Work Integrated Learning Subjects

Subjects designed to maximise your potential to access workplace experiences.