If you've had a gap year, studied at TAFE, are looking to advance your career - or change it completely - now is your time. No matter your age or previous education.



Over the past ten years more than 6000 mature age students have graduated from UOW. There are people at all stages of life earning their degrees at UOW right now.
Ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world with a 5-star rating for getting you a full-time job.

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  • Mature Age campaign testimonial - Emlyn McLaughlin

    It's not just about lectures, tutorials and studying here. UOW really puts a lot of effort into making the social and fun side of being a uni student as important as the course work. There is always something going on here. It's the kind of place I would hang out even if I didn't have classes on.


    Emlyn McLaughlin
    Bachelor of Arts
    Graduate Diploma in Education

  • Mature Age campaign testimonial - Brad Parkinson

    The main challenge I faced starting out was self-confidence. I was also a sole parent so I had limited time--I needed to earn money and do the work at uni and try to fit everything in. I kept chipping away at it, picked up bits as I went. Now I've completed two Bachelor degrees and Honours, and am currently in a PhD in Psychology.

    Brad Parkinson
    PhD (Psychology)
  • Mature Age campaign testimonial - Tracey Annan

    I always dreamed of becoming a lawyer but never pursued it. After my husband passed away in 2008 I was unsure of how I would cope, let alone raise three children on my own. I wanted to turn this tragedy around and ensure my children had a bright future so I enrolled. Whatever your background, you can come out on top and achieve your dreams.

    Tracey Annan
    Bachelor of Commerce – Bachelor of Laws

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